Topps created these die-cut, refractive, absurdly thick cards as part of its 2011 Diamond Anniversary celebration.

They could be obtained by redeeming code cards found in packs. I was not fortunate enough to unlock this card with any of my codes, but I did amass a large enough collection of well-worn scrubs to pull off a trade for this Tom Seaver.

Ultimately it cost me 32 cards, the nominal highlights of which were a 1961 Jim Baumer, a 1971 White Sox team card, and a 1977 Dave Kingman.

I guess it would be churlish of me to point out that the card design appears to be a direct lift from an obscure mid ’90s football insert (specifically, the Precision Cut set featured in series II of 1995 Classic football).

And I suppose it would be doubly churlish of me to include a scan of a vintage ad from Sports Cards magazine to illustrate that point…

2 comments on “Mets Card of the Week: 2011 Tom Seaver

  • Brian Joura

    Great Seaver photo! Even if it does look weird on top of this design…

  • Doug

    It is a great photo. And I have to say, this card looks nicer in person than it does scanned.

    Have to see if I can trade my remaining 1982 John Candelaria and 1988 Steve Sax for another one…

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