Mets Jambalinka: Ike Davis, Jon Rauch, Eric Langill

It is early in Spring Training and the Mets are already in mid-season form when it comes to injuries. While we all hope that none of these turn serious, we never thought we would lose our first baseman for the entire year due to a collision on an infield pop-up. With that unpleasantness behind us, here are some stories that caught my eye in the past week.

While the punsters dust off the only Frank Zappa song they know, Mike Kerwick talks about Ike Davis and his case of Valley Fever

I’m not a golfer. Well, I do enjoy spending time at the 19th hole. Regardless, I’m glad that bowling tournaments among pro athletes are getting more popular. Here Adam Rubin gives us the lineups for the Mets’ team-building, Sunday night bowling outing. BTW – Eric Langill is a batting practice pitcher.

Do you like tattoos and muscle cars? Ed Marcus points out that Jon Rauch likes those things, too.

Ed Leyro weighs in on the Underdog flap and comes up with Mets-inspired lyrics to the classic song.

Chris Young has pitched 120 innings the last three years. Still, Howard Megdal hopes he winds up back with the Mets, even if he can’t go until May.

Enjoy when they run the tribute section during the Oscar’s? Here Greg Prince runs down the list of players the Mets “lost” in the past 12 months

People always ask about Steven Matz, the Mets’ second-round pick in 2009 who has yet to throw a professional pitch. Here Andrew Keh gives us a Matz update, sort of.

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