Author Bios

Brian Joura – I grew up in Staten Island and went to the same high school that produced MLB pitchers Jason Marquis and Rich Scheid, the latter being in my homeroom class.

I followed Jim Valvano to North Carolina State but earned my degree from Guilford College. Previously, I’ve worked for Howe Sportsdata, Street and Smith’s The Sports Business Daily and SportsTicker. Currently, I work for a Division II school but my favorite gig is being a dad to my two kids.

Following the Mets all of these years has produced some famous highs and lows. I’m still convinced the Mets won Game 6 of the 1986 World Series because I sat completely still on the couch throughout the comeback, afraid to move a single muscle in case I might jinx the comeback.

While most Mets fans point to June 15, 1977 as the worst day in history, I’ve always felt that October 22, 1974 was a bad one, too. That’s when we dealt Duffy Dyer for Gene Clines. It still hurts.


Charlie Hangley – I was born right before Casey Stengel retired.  As an 8-year-old in 1973, I attended my first game at Shea Stadium – a one-hit shutout loss at the hands of the Braves’ Ron Schueler — and knew I’d found a home.  I have seen the good (1973, 1986, 1999, 2000, 2006), the bad (1975, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1991) and the ugly (too many to list).  I have rooted for the Mets faithfully for over 35 years and have no intentions of stopping now.

I live in Basking Ridge, NJ with my wife, Sarah, surrounded by Yankee fan neighbors.


Mike Koehler – Not sure how you ended up here, but thanks. It gets a bit lonely. I grew up an avid New York Mets fan; my first game was against the St. Louis Cardinals on Father’s Day in the early 1990s as a child. I went to the final games of the last three seasons at Shea Stadium. I was also in the nosebleeds at game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. You’d think I learn by now.

I’m a professional journalist by trade, writing and editing full-time for Long Islander Newspapers. My byline has also been in Editor & Publisher, Newsday and Anton Community Newspapers. Not sure how you ended up here, but thanks. It gets a bit lonely. I grew up an avid New York Mets fan; my first game was against the St. Louis Cardinals on Father’s Day in the early 1990s as a child. I went to the final games of the last three seasons at Shea Stadium. I was also in the nosebleeds at game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. You’d think I learn by now.

I’m a journalist by trade, currently employed as communications director for nonproft Vision Long Island. In addition to seven years of writing and editing full-time for Long Islander Newspapers, my byline has been in Editor & Publisher, Newsday and Anton Community Newspapers.

Follow me on Twitter @TechieWriter


David Groveman – I am a lifelong met fan who graduated from the Met Message boards of ESPN to the blogging world.  I am a relatively optimistic blogger who isn’t afraid to take a leap into the whimsical, comical or laughable.  I follow the minor leagues ever Monday with statistical analysis and general statements about the health of our top prospects and surprise successes.  There’s no crying in baseball and I am going to always focus more on the reasons to smile.


Joe Vasile – I am a junior Communication Studies major at The College of New Jersey concentrating in Radio/TV/Film.  I am the Play-By-Play announcer and producer for Widener University Football’s internet broadcast.  I also produce Lions Lineup, a weekly sports discussion show in TCNJ’s student TV station, LTV.   I am also the host of Political Discourse Fridays and Friday Night Rocks on 91.3 WTSR, TCNJ’s student radio station.  I am a lifelong Mets, Giants and Devils fan.  Follow me on Twitter at:



Rob Rogan – I’m an IT Analyst by day and whatever-happens-to-currently-hold-my-attention by night. Originally from North Jersey, I’ve since lived in more places than I care to count. I find that Mets fans are a rare breed outside of the (true) Tri-State area, so the online community is generally where I discuss all things Mets. I’ve always enjoyed writing but, with my lovely wife as my muse, I’m finally trying my hand at putting it to good use.


Spencer Manners – I currently reside in Westport, Connecticut. I’m a junior at Staples High School. As a young kid I loved watching baseball at all levels little league, high school, college and MLB. However, I found my love for the Mets in my earlier years when Pedro Martinez signed in 2005. Although Pedro’s career as a Met never really amounted to anything, I still attribute his signing to my love for the Mets. Still waiting for another season like ‘06. Two years ago discovered sabermetrics, and I have been hooked on using advanced metrics to evaluate baseball and especially the Mets.


Jim OMalley – I was born in Illinois and grew up in Massapequa, NY.  Graduated Alfred G. Berner High School in 1975.  Served three years in the Army Security Agency.  Graduated Hofstra University with a BA in English in 1982.  Graduated Adelphi University with an MBA in 1988.

I am married with three kids (all three are currently in college).  Worked in the publishing business since 1980 and am currently an Account Manager for a large media company in Vermont.

I’ve been a Met fan ever since my sixth grade field trip went to Shea Stadium and we beat the Braves despite a Hank Aaron home-run.  Favorite Mets memory is going to a game with my dad and sitting in the last seat in one of the mezzanine rows overlooking the Mets bullpen and Tommie Agee hitting a home run about 15 feet to my right (you could see the seams of the ball rotate as it got closer and closer).  Avid collector of Mets memorabilia including cards, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, etc.

For relaxation and fun, I’ve been playing Rotisserie baseball since 1987 and am currently serving as Commissioner (“the Commish”) of the Massapequa Baseball League.  I’m an ex-marathoner (and won the Otis Airforce Base Marathon two-years running – 1982 & 1983); I still get the urge to run a 5k every now and then.   I’m a member of the local group, “The Valeros” and contribute rhythm guitar, vocals, harmonica, and an occasional original song (or two).  Oh, and my St. Bernard and Maine Coon Cat keep me hopping.


Chris Schubert – Born and raised out in the heart of Long Island, I’ve grown up a Mets fan my entire life.

Sports have always been my life. I currently attend Arizona State University and am earning my degree in journalism with hopes of a career in sports radio.

The Mets have always been my number one team, in regards to all sports. In my short 18 years of watching the team, the hardest moment to watch this day is the Carlos Beltran at-bat against Adam Wainwright. I still cannot watch it without screaming at the screen.

But tomorrow always brings a brighter future, or so we hope.


Julian McCarthy – From the time I could walk I have been a Mets fan, I have always enjoyed watching through the ups and downs (I have been alive for more downs than ups). A two time varsity award winner in Jersey for sports. I enjoy running and playing baseball, as well as soccer.


Sean Flattery  -  I grew up in the jersey suburbs of Clifton, NJ watching Met games in the late 80s when the team was at their peak.  Baseball season continues to be my favorite pastime and a constant in my life. I’ve been a true die-hard fan through the good seasons as well as the bad. My favorite moment will always be the comeback in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. I was sitting on my floor in front of the TV and experienced the invigorating transition from agony to ecstasy.

My passion for sports writing stems from over 25 years of reading sports pages in the daily papers to the blogs and sites I frequent today. I enjoy interacting with fellow Mets fans on the blogs and engaging in conversations with friends and family about the great game I love to love.


Dan Kolton – Being the only Mets fan in a Yankees loving family, it has been hard sharing my support for my favorite sports team.  But that’s OK…it builds character. I am excited to share my thoughts with the public.  I have witnessed both good moments in Mets history (e.g., every pitch of Johan Santana’s no-hitter) and bad moments, too (e.g., game 162 of the 2007 season, and the entire 2009 season).  But despite the occasion, I go into every Spring Training thinking “this is our year”, and walk out of every season by reciting the words of every Mets fan: “next year.”


Patrick Albanesius – I have been a Mets fan since the 1980s and have lived and died with them ever since. When not watching or listening to the Mets, I am a writer, actor, and director. By day, I work at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ. By night, I spent time with my wonderful wife Maddie, and our two felines, Catt Harvey and Maxie Scherzer.