Author Bios

Brian Joura – I grew up in Staten Island and went to the same high school that produced MLB pitchers Jason Marquis and Rich Scheid, the latter being in my homeroom class.

I followed Jim Valvano to North Carolina State but earned my degree from Guilford College. Previously, I’ve worked for Howe Sportsdata, Street and Smith’s The Sports Business Daily and SportsTicker. Currently, I work for a Division II school but my favorite gig is being a dad to my two kids.

Following the Mets all of these years has produced some famous highs and lows. I’m still convinced the Mets won Game 6 of the 1986 World Series because I sat completely still on the couch throughout the comeback, afraid to move a single muscle in case I might jinx the comeback.

While most Mets fans point to June 15, 1977 as the worst day in history, I’ve always felt that October 22, 1974 was a bad one, too. That’s when we dealt Duffy Dyer for Gene Clines. It still hurts.


Charlie Hangley – I was born right before Casey Stengel retired.  As an 8-year-old in 1973, I attended my first game at Shea Stadium – a one-hit shutout loss at the hands of the Braves’ Ron Schueler — and knew I’d found a home.  I have seen the good (1973, 1986, 1999, 2000, 2006), the bad (1975, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1991) and the ugly (too many to list).  I have rooted for the Mets faithfully for over 35 years and have no intentions of stopping now.

I live in Basking Ridge, NJ with my wife, Sarah, surrounded by Yankee fan neighbors.


Mike Koehler – Not sure how you ended up here, but thanks. It gets a bit lonely. I grew up an avid New York Mets fan; my first game was against the St. Louis Cardinals on Father’s Day in the early 1990s as a child. I went to the final games of the last three seasons at Shea Stadium. I was also in the nosebleeds at game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. You’d think I learn by now.

I’m a professional journalist by trade with a passion for sports, crime, science and hard news. My byline has been in Long Islander Newspapers, Editor & Publisher, Newsday and Anton Community Newspapers. These days I’m the communications director for nonprofit Vision Long Island.

Follow me on Twitter @TechieWriter


David Groveman – I am a lifelong met fan who graduated from the Met Message boards of ESPN to the blogging world.  I am a relatively optimistic blogger who isn’t afraid to take a leap into the whimsical, comical or laughable.  I follow the minor leagues ever Monday with statistical analysis and general statements about the health of our top prospects and surprise successes.  There’s no crying in baseball and I am going to always focus more on the reasons to smile.


Joe Vasile – I am a junior Communication Studies major at The College of New Jersey concentrating in Radio/TV/Film.  I am the Play-By-Play announcer and producer for Widener University Football’s internet broadcast.  I also produce Lions Lineup, a weekly sports discussion show in TCNJ’s student TV station, LTV.   I am also the host of Political Discourse Fridays and Friday Night Rocks on 91.3 WTSR, TCNJ’s student radio station.  I am a lifelong Mets, Giants and Devils fan.  Follow me on Twitter at:



Rob Rogan – I’m an IT Analyst by day and whatever-happens-to-currently-hold-my-attention by night. Originally from North Jersey, I’ve since lived in more places than I care to count. I find that Mets fans are a rare breed outside of the (true) Tri-State area, so the online community is generally where I discuss all things Mets. I’ve always enjoyed writing but, with my lovely wife as my muse, I’m finally trying my hand at putting it to good use.


Julian McCarthy – From the time I could walk I have been a Mets fan, I have always enjoyed watching through the ups and downs (I have been alive for more downs than ups). A two time varsity award winner in Jersey for sports. I enjoy running and playing baseball, as well as soccer.


Dan Kolton – Being the only Mets fan in a Yankees loving family, it has been hard sharing my support for my favorite sports team.  But that’s OK…it builds character. I am excited to share my thoughts with the public.  I have witnessed both good moments in Mets history (e.g., every pitch of Johan Santana’s no-hitter) and bad moments, too (e.g., game 162 of the 2007 season, and the entire 2009 season).  But despite the occasion, I go into every Spring Training thinking “this is our year”, and walk out of every season by reciting the words of every Mets fan: “next year.”


Patrick Albanesius – I have been a Mets fan since the 1980s and have lived and died with them ever since. When I’m not following the Mets in far away Los Angeles, I am a writer, actor, and director. By day, I work at Classic Fountain Pens where, you guessed it, we sell pens. By night, I spend time with my wonderful wife Maddie, and our two felines, Catt Harvey and Maxie Scherzer.

Matt Netter – I was born into a family of rabid Mets fans and have been rooting for them since I was in kindergarten . I’ve seen great games at Shea, Citi, road stadiums, and Port St. Lucie, but my favorite memory took place in the living room of the Long Island house I grew up in. My parents were at Shea for Game 6 and I was jumping up and down screaming at the TV with my two best friends and my late grandmother who was a huge Mookie fan. My parents let me play hooky to attend the ticker tape parade. I was 14. My room was covered with posters of Gooden, Strawberry, Hernandez and my favorite player Ron Darling, I was a pitcher on a Varsity team that went to the NY State championship and I was #12, then #15, just like Ron. Now my 8-year-old son is #15 on the PAL team I coach. This season I’ll get to teach the fledgling players how to pitch!

I’m a copywriter and creative strategist for a NY non-profit. I’m married with two young children and live in NJ. I also root for the Knicks and my alma mater Wisconsin Badgers.