Pitch counts and Al Jackson’s 15-inning game

Perhaps no issue in baseball today is more divisive than pitch counts. Advocates of pitch counts claim that it helps to protect young arms and that it is better to get 15 years of a guy throwing 200 IP a year than risk just getting five years of a guy throwing 300 IP a year [...]

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Edgardo Alfonzo delivers best Mets game ever

If you asked most Mets fans what is the greatest individual game in team history, most would answer Tom Seaver and his outing on July 9, 1969. Seaver took a perfect game into the 9th inning, when with one out Jimmy Qualls broke it up with a single. Seaver retired the next two batters and [...]

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Bay resurgence critical to Mets 2011 success

Back in the winter of 2004, Carlos Beltran signed a lucrative seven-year $119 million deal with the New York Mets. Beltran was immediately expected to lead the Mets to great heights and live up to his lofty contract. Beltran was coming off a marvelous 2004 post-season run with the Houston Astros in which he hit [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: Tom Seaver

1974 TOPPS TOM SEAVER #80 It was all too rare during the Golden Age of Topps (1952-1980) for star players to get cards that matched their luster. I think of cards like the 1967 Mickey Mantle. I’ve seen more flattering photos on DWI mug shots. The 1973 Willie Mays did its best to make a [...]

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Mets 2011 Top 10 Prospects

One of the reasons cited for getting rid of Omar Minaya was that he did not build a strong farm system. Last year, six players who made my top prospect list contributed to the Mets and no longer have rookie eligibility. This includes Jenrry Mejia and Fernando Martinez, both who lost their rookie status because [...]

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Christmas wishes for the 2011 Mets

The Mets have already had their team Christmas party but they must have decided this year not to exchange gifts. Now, you may be wondering what millionaires give as gifts or what millionaires want to receive as gifts. I cannot answer that question. But I can tell you what players on the Mets really need. [...]

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Former Mets batting coach Cavarretta dies

Former Mets batting coach Phil Cavarretta passed away yesterday at age 94. Cavarretta joined the Mets in 1973 as a batting instructor, working with major league hitters during Spring Training and then the minor league hitters once the season started. In 1975 he was added to the major league staff on a full-time basis, where [...]

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Will Mets still be players for top Latin talent?

"Anecdotal evidence suggests the Mets will continue to be players in Latin America. They opted to keep on Ismael Cruz, the organization's international scouting director who had a hand in signing the top three prospects on this list, as well as Aderlin Rodriguez and Juan Urbina. Be sure to look for Ben Badler's feature on [...]

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What will Mets get from Angel Pagan?

The Mets have a lot of question marks in their lineup for 2011. Previous injuries leave it up for debate what Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and David Wright will contribute. But the Mets also do not know what to expect from Angel Pagan, who played in 151 games last year and finished second [...]

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The watchword under Alderson: Calm

Seems to me… …there’s something missing in the Mets’ front office these days: panic. It’s beyond refreshing to have another team in the division – our arch-rival, even, if you will – make a big, splashy move and have the reaction from Flushing be…well…nothing. The Phillies, of all teams, signed Cliff Lee to a contract [...]

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Remembering the 1977 Jon Matlack 4-Way Deal

If you ask most fans to name a four-team deal, the one that jumps to mind is the 2004 deal among the Red Sox, Twins, Cubs and Expos that sent Nomar Garciaparra out of Boston and brought Orlando Cabrera, Doug Mientkiewicz and a World Series title to the Red Sox. But the one that jumps [...]

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Should Cliff Lee deal worry Mets?

Cliff Lee signed a five-year, $120 million contract with the Phillies, which includes a 2016 option which may become guaranteed based on performance. The contract also has a limited no-trade clause. The signing gives the Phillies a starting rotation that takes a back seat to no one and further strengthens the team that won the [...]

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