Tankersley dominating LHB in Grapefruit League

Every year you hear some variant of the theme that “Spring Training stats are useless.” Yet, each year countless jobs are determined by how well players perform in this period. The Mets this season are no different. Several bullpen jobs are up in the air, a situation made even more competitive with the last-minute addition [...]

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Maple Street Press Mets Annual 2011 Review

Yesterday my copy of the Maple Street Press Mets 2011 Annual arrived in the mail. Maple Street Press puts out a host of annuals and they get some of the top names in the blogosphere to contribute to their magazines. The Mets guide features articles by Ted Berg, Toby Hyde, Howard Megdal, Sam Page, Dan [...]

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Mets SP off to a strong start this Spring Training

Last year the Mets got strong pitching from their whole staff, particularly their starters. Many felt they overachieved, and with the loss of Johan Santana for at leas half a season, many expect the team’s starters to perform significantly worse in 2011. But so far in the Grapefruit League, the Mets’ starters are performing quite [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: 1976 Topps Randy Tate

1976 TOPPS RANDY TATE It can be hard to distinguish Randy Tate from the Bobbs and Todds and Webbs and Crams and all the other single-syllabled 1970s Mets' pitchers of no particular report. He has just one major league season to his name, during which he went 5-13 with a 4.45 ERA. He was back [...]

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Mets second base options of the future

Who will be playing second base for the New York Mets this season? Will it be embattled 15-year veteran Luis Castillo, converted outfielder/ first baseman Daniel Murphy, slick glove man Ruben Tejada or utility man Justin Turner? It’s doubtful that any of these players will be a permanent fixture at second base with New York, [...]

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Using Nick Evans to explain MLB option rules

Ranking right up there with the balk rule, one of the least understood rules in baseball are those pertaining to player options. Each year the option rules determine the fate of many players. This year, several Mets players are out of options and may have a leg up making the major league team out of [...]

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6’10 Chris Young looks for higher ceiling

"Right now, the life on the ball feels better than it did at the same point last year and maybe the year before, and I'm excited about that," said the 31-year-old Chris Young, who made just 18 starts (including four last season) for the Padres over the previous two years due to shoulder injuries. "Mechanically, [...]

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Mets need a big year from Jon Niese

For the Mets to have a successful 2011 season, it once again has to get the most it can from the starting rotation. After all, the Mets quietly did have a solid rotation in 2010 and placed 7th in the league in ERA (3.70). We have all heard the need for Mike Pelfrey to establish [...]

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Boof Bonser: Forgotten man with unforgettable name

In all of the discussions about the makeup of the Mets’ bullpen, one name keeps getting left out. You would think his first name alone would keep him in the discussion, but Boof Bonser is the forgotten man in this equation. The Mets picked up Bonser on a minor league deal and he’s one of [...]

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Is Bobby Parnell’s roster spot in jeopardy?

This time last year, few expected Bobby Parnell to open the year with Triple-A, figuring he had a bullpen spot locked up. But a poor Spring led to an assignment to Buffalo, where he spent the first two-and-a-half months of the year. Could it be déjà vu all over again for Parnell here in 2011? [...]

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Buy the Mets for $999

New York Mets fans are a passionate bunch. We have no problem griping about how Jerry Manuel couldn’t manage a bullpen, Carlos Beltran struck out to end the 2006 playoff run or sending in Oliver Perez is the equivalent of raising the white flag. But one fan is leading a charge that just might give [...]

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