Return of a healthy Angel Pagan has become forgotten storyline

While Mets’ fans bemoan lingering injuries to David Wright and Ike Davis, as well as Jason Bay’s free fall, lost in their angst is the fact that the Mets are actually playing some good baseball of late. The Mets are now 8-4 in their last 12 games and are just one game back of being [...]

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Besides a Quality Bullpen, Mets Lack Presence

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" A four-run lead headed to the bottom of the eighth is supposed to be safe. To paraphrase Howie Rose, I was putting this one in the books before the eighth was over. But we know the narrative these past two weeks, don’t we? This bullpen stinks [...]

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Month of June could ultimately define Alderson’s tenure with Mets

With the Mets still playing just good enough to be four games back in the Wild Card standings prior to Wednesday’s game, General Manger Sandy Alderson has some tough choices to make. Alderson will have to balance a delicate situation in the next month by trying to please a growing apathetic Mets’ fanbase, while also [...]

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What to do with Murphy and Turner?

Just in case you’re not buying into Jon Heyman’s prediction of 75-87, or most other writers’ pre-season abysmal expectations, you’ve probably noticed by now the Mets are hovering around respectability. They bumped into .500 after the first game in the 2011 Subway Series, and were just two games under as of Wednesday afternoon. Hell, they’re [...]

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Mets Notes: Capuano’s value and extra-base hits

It’s easy to overlook with his 4-6 record and 4.86 ERA but Chris Capuano has been a nice addition to the Mets’ staff. In his last 10 games, including nine starts, Capuano has a 3.98 ERA and is giving the Mets a chance to win nearly every time out. Not surprisingly, the only run he [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: 1995 Paul Wilson

1995 TOPPS Paul Wilson By now everyone knows the Mets took Brandon Nimmo as their first-round pick in the 2011 Draft. Everyone talks about his upside and it’s nice to have a hitter with upside in the system. Now we’re hoping that he turns into the next Darryl Strawberry or David Wright. But those guys [...]

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Following the Mets Can Be Fun. Really.

Every now and then, even in a ghost-season like this one – ephemeral, amorphous, in flux, would-frighten-Scooby-Doo, “are they really there?” – following the Mets can be most entertaining. Take Sunday night (6/5) for example. Wonderful pitching from our friend R. A. Dickey, scoring like a Chicago election (early-and-often), even giving the Atlanta fans a [...]

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Mike Pelfrey and the life or death wager

Mike Pelfrey starts Wednesday night against the Brewers. If your life depended upon it and you had to make a correct wager on the outcome of the game to avoid death – which way would you bet? Do you expect Pelfrey to come through and pitch a Quality Start? Or do you expect him to [...]

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Mets Minors: Darin Gorski steps up

The New York Mets may have another pitcher on the horizon. Unheralded 23-year-old Darin Gorski has struck out 66 batters in 48 2/3 innings at Class A St. Lucie in the Florida State League. A starter in his first two years in the minor leagues since being drafted in the seventh round in 2009, the [...]

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How Mets compare to NL East in injuries

Hopefully the Mets dodged a bullet by not having Sunday’s injury to Carlos Beltran being more serious and requiring a DL stint. With the club already having Ike Davis, Johan Santana and David Wright on the DL, the last thing it needed was another high-priced player to be sidelined for two-plus weeks. After the disastrous [...]

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What should we make of Ruben Tejada?

Last winter the Mets made the decision that Ruben Tejada was going to play shortstop in the minors and was not a candidate for the team’s second base job. Sandy Alderson kept true to this vision by including Tejada in the first round of cuts. The decision made sense. The 21-year old had not overwhelmed [...]

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