Can Manny Acosta save the Mets’ bullpen?

Another day, another toss-up game and another loss as the Mets blew a 3-1 lead in the late innings against the Braves last night. The bullpen started out as a disaster but was a strong point for awhile after a couple of decisive moves by Sandy Alderson. But now it’s back to being a disaster [...]

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Collins disgusted with underperforming Mets

It seems there are quite a few fans who saw this coming. Perhaps even a majority of them. Yet some  are still surprised at what has transpired with this team, even though they have been like this for the past five years. Some decided to remain optimistic and give the 2011 New York Mets the [...]

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David Einhorn: International Man of Mystery

Last week, a rush of news from the Ivory Towers of Flushing informed the world that hotshot fancier David Einhorn had sunk $200 million of his hard-earned moolah into a shaky-at-best operation known as the New York Mets. Over here, it was immediately viewed as good news . If I were to listen to the [...]

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Amid the rubble, Collins shows he’s no Manuel

When a man’s right, he’s right. Terry Collins finally had one of the meltdowns for which he’s so famous on Wednesday night (6/1). Who could blame him? In a game which took on an all-too-familiar pattern, the Mets got outstanding starting pitching from Chris Capuano for six innings, then drowned in two feet of water [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: 1979 Willie Montanez

1979 TOPPS Willie Montanez We all have them. Those good-not-great players from our youth for whom we have a deep and abiding affection. Take Guillermo Montanez here. He showed up at Shea with a decent if unspectacular resume-- finished second in the 1971 ROY voting, 24th in MVP voting twice. Was an all star once, [...]

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Who will Mets take in 2011 MLB Draft?

The Mets have homegrown players Josh Thole, Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, Jonathon Niese and Dillon Gee playing key roles on the 2011 team but you constantly hear about their need to build a stronger farm system. Sandy Alderson gets to oversee his first draft for the club when the [...]

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Mets Minors: Updated Top 10 list

With the Mets seemingly on the verge of a salary purge over the next few months and going to have to rely on the farm system more over the next several years, let’s look at an updated top-10 prospect list for the embattled organization. The farm system lacks top-end talent and depth. Injuries this season [...]

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Dillon Gee has been great but can he keep it up?

OK, how many of you out there thought that Dillon Gee could be this good? I see a few hands raised. Ordinarily, I might be inclined to call BS on that but Gee had many vocal backers this Spring so I’ll cut you some slack. But did you really think he was going to be [...]

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Murphy among struggling Mets starting to hit

The Mets salvaged the final game of their three-game series against the Phillies as the bats finally came alive. The first two losses were tough to take, as the Mets held leads after seven innings in both games. They both fall into the category of toss-up games that I mentioned how the Mets are struggling [...]

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Why Collins, Hagin and Rose were wrong

Saturday’s Mets-Phillies game was not available live on due to the Fox blackout. However, the live radio call was an option so I had that on while watching the Reds-Braves game which was broadcast on TV in my area. The SNY broadcasters are generally great. The Mets’ radio broadcasters fall something short of that [...]

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Dickey’s health will be key to Mets’ rotation success

While R.A. Dickey is having a hard time replicating his success of last year, his health will still be critical to any success the Mets rotation may have this season. In Thursday’s damp and soggy series finale in Chicago, Dickey fell in pain attempting to cover first base on a play in the third inning. [...]

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Mets Notes: Einhorn, Pagan and the trouble with third base

The big news yesterday was the impending addition of David Einhorn as a minority investor. It’s interesting to read about the team’s newest acquisition, with my favorite part being how after he implored Micorsoft to get rid of its CEO, he then shouted GO METS. All of the stories talk about how smart he is, [...]

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