Stand up guy Terry Collins

"Collins, who is listed generously at 5-foot-9, conducted his press conference standing up after he was told the microphone stand was blocking his face for the TV camera. Collins joked that pitchers Chris Young, who is 6-foot-10, and 6-foot-7 Mike Pelfrey better not hold the ball above their heads and make the manager jump for [...]

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Could this be Jose Reyes’ swan song?

Some cringe at the thought, while others seem content moving in a different direction, but the universal thought of Jose Reyes not being the Mets everyday shortstop beyond this year would be anything but weird. We’re not talking about Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees weird, but Jose Reyes and the Mets together have been synonymous [...]

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Terry Collins: It starts with a presence

The Mets have not really had a manager who had a presence since Bobby Valentine. Art Howe had the presence of a man ready to be put out to pasture. Willie Randolph was all about rules and regulations. Jerry Manuel played puppet to those above him. With the addition of Terry Collins, this seems to [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: 2001 Fleer E-X Brian Cole

2001 FLEER E-X BRIAN COLE ROOKIE AUTO Last week, I heard someone make an offhand comment on DC talk radio to the effect that the Mets are a “cursed franchise.” The hosts then moved on to a discussion of why the Wizards can’t win on the road or why the Caps can’t score, or some [...]

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8/20/95 –The Day of Isringhausen

So I’ve heard tell this morning that Jason Isringhausen is at Mets’ camp. Apparently, Izzy’s auditioning for a spot in a bullpen which is simultaneously overcrowded and barren, somehow. When I heard this, I was immediately brought back to a hot afternoon in mid-August, 1995. Shea Stadium was a ghost town. The Strike of ’94 [...]

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Why Capuano should start over Gee

The famous saying is that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. One thing in baseball that approaches this level of certainty is if you have a pitcher capable of being an effective starter, you are insane if you pitch him out of the bullpen instead. I’m reminded of [...]

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Making my peace with Mike Pelfrey

Generally, I have not been Mike Pelfrey’s biggest fan. It’s not like with Francoeur or Matthews, where just the sight of them made me upset – it’s different with Pelfrey. I do not actively dislike him but I do not feel a sense of relief when he’s the starter that day for the Mets. But, [...]

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Mets’ Thole and Paulino could be elite catching duo

The Mets’ catching situation in 2011 is potentially a team strength, but that fact has been all but lost given all of the hoopla around the ownership situation plus speculation how the big guns will do. Before we look at what the Mets might get from Josh Thole and Ronny Paulino this year, let’s look [...]

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Tim Teufel on Daniel Murphy’s transition

“Murph may not be able to do things that other people can do, but what he can do is work on the skills that he does have and make them serviceable,” Teufel said. “I couldn’t turn double plays the way certain people could, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t play the position effectively. “I had [...]

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A look at the Mets’ organizational depth

Keith Law recently ranked the Mets farm system 26th out of 30 teams in MLB. That seems extreme to me. While the system does not have much top-shelf talent, there is an impressive amount of depth. Also, with catcher, first base, third base and two outfield spots already with their long-term answer on the major [...]

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The real reason Jason Bay struggled in 2010

Some people blame the poor season last year by Jason Bay on his move to Citi Field. Others blame it on the season-ending concussion that knocked him out of action before he could turn things around. Me, I have a different theory. Bay’s poor first season is a direct result of his uniform number. While [...]

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Mets Card of the Week: 2011 Lucas Duda

2011 TOPPS Lucas Duda Leap with me, if you will, into the present. The kids were looking at the pegs of Pokemon cards in Target over the weekend, and the 2011 Topps cards caught my eye. “The new cards are out! The new cards are out!” I yelled. Well, actually I didn't. But I did [...]

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