A look at free agent Jorge de la Rosa

For the first time in ages, the Mets will not be heavy hitters in free agency. Instead of chasing high-profile players like Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford, the Mets instead will be bargain hunting this offseason. With Jon Garland and Javy Vazquez already taken off the market, let’s look at a player the Mets should [...]

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Terry Collins doesn’t care if you like him

"It’s nice to be liked. But no, I don’t care as long as they respect me, and understand what it took me to get here. Joe Maddon, myself, Jim Leyland, who didn’t play in the big leagues . . . a lot of times there’s certain guys who say, “Well we don’t understand” because we [...]

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A farewell to Kaz Matsui

Recently news came down that Kaz Matsui was leaving this country to return to Japan to play baseball. Matsui was a disappointment in the United States and serves as a reminder that not every highly-touted player from Japan will come over and find success in MLB. While Mets fans basically booed Matsui out of town, [...]

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Remembering former Mets manager Bamberger

Much has been made about Terry Collins and his “fiery” demeanor.  It’s a marked change from his predecessor, Jerry Manuel, and a departure from what the Mets usually have for a skipper.  In fact, who is the last Mets manager who would be described this way?  Perhaps Dallas Green.  Let’s run down the recent Mets [...]

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Backman reacts to being passed over

"My goals haven’t changed,” Backman said. “The fact that Sandy [Alderson] and Jeff [Wilpon] want to keep me in the organization speaks for itself. There are 30 organizations and people need managers. I hope people will think I deserve the opportunity at some point." Source: New York Post ***** If you prefer longer articles, that’s [...]

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Should Mets re-sign Pedro Feliciano?

Now that the Mets have both a new general manager and manager in place, the brain trust can begin making preparations for the 2011 team.  While it is widely rumored that the club has very little money to spend on free agents, one position they will have to address is lefty reliever out of the [...]

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Proposed 2011 Mets batting order

All of the speculation in Mets land recently revolves around who the new manager is going to be.  There is a debate going on about how much autonomy the new manager will actually have, but seemingly one thing he will have control over is setting the batting order.  Now, for the most part, lineup construction [...]

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Why Collins may not be the managerial favorite

"It is well known that new Mets vice president of player development Paul DePodesta, as GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers, attempted to hire Collins as manager in 2005 before he himself was fired. That, and DePodesta's lingering respect for Collins, has led many to assume that DePodesta is strongly advocating for the former Anaheim [...]

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Thinking ahead with Alderson

"But it's incumbent on us to make sure those issues don't arise and they're managed," Alderson said. "People are going to be disappointed, but it's important for us to make sure that those who do remain with the organization feel as if they are valued in whatever role they have." Sandy Alderson, on the prospect [...]

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The Mets’ new LOOGY?

"But keep in mind that Pedro Feliciano and Hisanori Takahashi are both free agents, and that leaves the Mets badly in need of lefty relief. This is not what you imagined Perez would be doing for $12 million in 2011, but the Mets are spending the $12 million already. Perez did hold lefties to a [...]

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Ollie for Daisuke – who says no?

Let’s say Sandy Alderson and Theo Epstein are having a drink together during the Winter Meetings and I walk over and say: Fellas, you know what you should do? You should trade Oliver Perez for Daisuke Matsuzaka! Which GM would say no first? Would they both say no? Would they both start a bidding war [...]

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