How long will Lucas Duda’s job be safe?

lucas dudaWith the New York Mets calling up Wilmer Flores and toying with the idea of replacing Jenrry Mejia in the rotation, the team is certainly trying to mix things up and give the team an added boost.

Will there be any other moves? Who’s jobs are safe?

One such player who has to start pulling his weight is first baseman Lucas Duda. We can excuse him for missing Friday night’s game for feeling under the weather.

After the Mets finally traded away Ike Davis, it gave Duda the prime opportunity to seize the job and run with it. He hasn’t exactly lit it up. Since the Mets traded away Davis on April 18, Duda is 14-54 with one home run and seven RBI’s in 17 games. Overall he has a .266/.355/.425 slash line to go with four home runs and 15 RBI’s in 94 at-bats.

Granted, that’s still a small sample size, but he has not given the Mets the lift many thought he can when they decided to give up on Ike Davis. (side note, Davis is not exactly on fire with the Pirates either).

First base is usually a power position and the Mets would ideally like to get more offense from it. If Duda continues to underwhelm, eventually the Mets might make the call to bring up Allan Dykstra.

With a name like Dykstra, he’s already ahead of the curve with Mets’ fans.

Seriously, though, Dykstra has some pop in his bat and perhaps he can rejuvenate the Mets slumbering bats. In 86 at-bats with the Las Vegas 51’s, Dykstra is sporting an impressive .326/.478/.628 slash line with five home runs, 11 doubles and a team-leading 31 RBI’s.

Now, we have to take those numbers with a grain of salt considering he plays his games in the Pacific Coast League, which is a haven for hitters. But prior to arriving in Las Vegas, Dykstra did hit 21 home runs in 372 at-bats last year in Binghamton. Scouts have said that Dykstra has decent power and sooner or later the Mets might be impulsed to roll the dice on him if Duda can’t cut it.

As a lefty though, if the Mets recall Dykstra, they might put themselves in a another sticky situation like they did when they rostered both Duda and Davis. Two lefty first basemen will not cut it, since you really can’t platoon the both of them and neither will play in the outfield.

With the offense sputtering and, outside of making trades, something has to be done soon. Perhaps Duda needs more time to establish himself with Davis now gone. But if he falters, the Mets just may make another move.

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