Mets will face a tough decision on Marcus Stroman

With the 2020 season up in the air, any Mets who were entering their walk years, will be suddenly facing free agency. This includes Yoenis Cespedes, Wilson Ramos, and several pitchers, most notably, Marcus Stroman. After the Mets parted with two of their top pitching prospects – Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson – to [...]

Noah Syndergaard’s injury raises a lot of questions

That the hard-throwing, weight lifting Noah Syndergaard finally succumbed to Tommy John surgery wasn't that big of a surprise. After all, the list of triple digit fastball throwers who haven't torn their ulnar collateral ligament is a lot shorter than the list of pitchers with that tell-tale ugly scar on the inside of their arm. [...]

Mets keep it in-house with hire of Luis Rojas

Following the search, hire, and controversial dismissal of Carlos Beltran, the Mets opted to replace him with an in-house candidate and one of the runner-up candidates from their previous search, Luis Rojas. Having been with the Mets organization since 2011, Rojas has been an organizational mainstay with managing stints with the rookie league, low A [...]

3 ex-Mets singin’ the swan song

In the past week, former Mets Matt Harvey, Asdrubal Cabrera and Lucas Duda were released by their teams. Harvey's attempt to resurrect his stalled career with the Angels came up way short as he put up embarrassing numbers. Duda had a similar experience before being cut loose by Kansas City. Cabrera was  slashing a modest [...]

Mets stand pat at the trade deadline

After shocking the baseball world by trading for Marcus Stroman and then surprising no one by giving away Jason Vargas to save a few bucks, the Mets stood pat at the trade deadline. Zack Wheeler's name was seemingly brought up more times than Donald Trump's in the past 48 hours. But despite rumors having him [...]

Could this be Jose Reyes’ swan song?

Some cringe at the thought, while others seem content moving in a different direction, but the universal thought of Jose Reyes not being the Mets everyday shortstop beyond this year would be anything but weird. We’re not talking about Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees weird, but Jose Reyes and the Mets together have been synonymous [...]