10 Stats Explain How a Talented Mets Team Will Finish Under .500

It's kind of unfathomable that a team with a killer lineup, the best pitcher in baseball, and a solid bullpen can miss the playoffs in a year when more than half the teams make it. There are plenty of teams who will be playing in October who don't have half as much talent as this [...]

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Gut Reaction: Mets 3, Nationals 2 (9/24/20)

Unlike the day before, the Mets decided to use a starter who would give them a chance to win. And that’s just what they did, as they downed the Nationals, 3-2, in the first of a four-game set to end the season. David Peterson came out throwing strikes early. And that allowed him to complete [...]

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The power of the 2020 Mets

The Mets hit three home runs Wednesday night, bringing their season total to 79 HR with four games still on the docket. Because there have been only 56 games played, you might think this is the team’s worst home run performance by a large margin. Boy, you’d be wrong. In the strike-shortened 1981 season, the [...]

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Gut Reaction: Rays 8, Mets 5 (9/23/20)

The Mets started Michael Wacha Wednesday night. In a related story, the Mets lost Wednesday night, 8-5. In the past we could lay the blame of who the day’s starting pitcher was squarely at the feet of the manager. These days – who knows? Whoever made this decision, made it knowing the following information: In [...]

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Wednesday catch-all thread (9/23/20)

One thing the Mets will have to think about in the offseason is if they need to bring in a righty bat. Their top five hitters are all lefties and there's quite a dip in production from the fifth LHB to the first RHB. Here are their wRC+ numbers: 163 - Dominic Smith 162 - [...]

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Gut Reaction: Mets 5, Rays 2 (9/22/20)

Seth Lugo rebounded from a dismal start last time out to go 6.1 strong innings and the Mets’ offense showed more than they did on Monday, leading to a 5-2 win Tuesday over the Rays. Lugo fanned seven, ending the Mets’ streak of starters with 10 or more Ks at three. But he allowed just [...]

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On lumping Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha in the same boat

Coming into 2020, the question around the pitching was wondering if Rick Porcello, Marcus Stroman and Michael Wacha could combine to give the Mets roughly 200 innings of league average pitching, to replace what the Mets got last year from starters no longer on the team. Turns out they needed even more replacement innings when [...]

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Gut Reaction: Rays 2, Mets 1 (9/21/20)

They say never argue with an idiot, because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. The Rays should never be considered idiots, as they’re one of the smartest organizations in baseball. But it sure felt like the Rays dragged the Mets down to their level – a low-scoring game – [...]

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