Keith Law on the Mets’ first two picks in the 2024 Draft

The David Stearns/Kris Gross era appears to be off to a good start with their first two picks in their initial MLB Draft leading the Mets. If you're not a big amateur baseball fan, here's something that should make you smile: I love the Mets’ two picks, with Carson Benge (No. 19) a real upside [...]

Some names to know for the Mets’ 2024 first-round pick

The MLB Draft begins Sunday night at 7 p.m. Eastern and the Mets have the 19th pick. There’s no consensus among the draft gurus on who the Mets might pick, which isn’t all that unusual given the spot they’re drafting. Of course, the Mets are drafting at that spot due to the 10-pick penalty for [...]

Has more gone wrong or gone right so far for the 2024 Mets?

After 92 games, the Mets are 47-45, which is more or less where most people figured they would be. But the way they’ve gotten there has been quite different from the blueprint drawn up before the season began. Let’s ignore cold starts and hot finishes and instead focus on what the players have done over [...]