Undercover Angel: Pagan Quiet Key To Mets’ Surge

Last night (7/4) was one of those games that felt really bad, then suddenly euphoric. Not in the same sense that Sunday’s ambush of the TGMR (The Great Mariano Rivera) was, the 5-2 win over the Dodgers (I will refrain from any snarky nicknames referring to their bankruptcy filing: there but for the grace of [...]

Who Are These Mets?

Four games, 52 runs scored, 69 hits, only three of which were home runs – all hit in a single game and two of those were grand slams. As Casey Stengel meant to tell us all those many years ago, “The Mets are amazin’.” Every cylinder of the offense is firing, the pitchers are unfettered [...]

The 2011 Mets: Ride The Rollercoaster

You would think that after 40 years of watching the Mets’ brand of baseball, I’d be used to it by now. I was about six-years-old when I finally kind of caught on to what this “base-ball” thingy was. Since then, I’ve seen some seasons where it’s been awful from Jump Street: 1974, 1977 through ’79 [...]

Speculating possible Mets All-Stars

With all the talk in Mets land being dominated by the voice and opinion of embattled owner Fred Wilpon, let’s take a diversion and talk about what’s happening on the field. While the ire of Wilpon’s angst can be understood, the targets he took shots at coincidentally might turn out to be All-Stars this year. [...]

Who replaces Beltran in RF for the Mets?

It’s no fun to contemplate the Mets without Carlos Beltran but as John Wooden once reminded us, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” Plus with the recent revelations that owner Fred Wilpon thinks Beltran is “65 to 70 percent of what he was” when he signed him, there’s really only one conclusion to be [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 2011 Carlos Beltran

2011 TOPPS GYPSY QUEEN CARLOS BELTRAN Over at Wolfgang's Vault you can watch video of what would turn out to be the Sex Pistols' last concert, at Winterland in San Francisco back in January of 1978. This show came at the end of a short but brutal tour through the American south, where it was [...]

Examining Mets’ futility with bases loaded

Sunday in the seventh inning Jason Bay came to bat with the bases loaded and he struck out to end the inning. No big deal, it happens, right? Actually, it is a big deal because it happens to the Mets more than most teams. After 34 games, the Mets rank 15th in the 16-team National [...]

Should fans lobby for Carlos Beltran, too?

Mets fans everywhere are lowering their expectations, resigning themselves to a payroll that will no longer be in the top five in baseball, despite having a new stadium in the biggest market in the country. While we root for Irving Picard to come away with a settlement expensive enough to force the Wilpons to sell, [...]

Predictions for the 2011 Mets

My first go round at Opening Day predictions at Mets360 did not go so well. So, I could go one of several ways: A. Try to make “easy” predictions to make me look good in hindsight. B. Make off the wall assertions and when one of them came true, trumpet the fact that I picked [...]

Live Chat: Carlos Beltran, Nick Evans and Mets

Welcome to this week's edition of Mets360 chat. This will begin today at 1:00 Eastern time and run for at least 30 minutes. Ask any question about the Mets and we'll do our best to get it answered. Sometimes Firefox has some issues with the chat software, so if you are having troubles viewing the [...]