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Thanks for reading! Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. Ideally you will read an article here and come back and read a whole bunch more, too.

We love comments at Mets360 and we like nothing better than to hear that you read our work and enjoyed it. Of course, sometimes you’re going to read things that you simply do not agree with at all. You can tell us about those, too.

We expect civility from everyone who participates at Mets360. Agree or disagree but do so respectfully. If you tell me, “I disagree that Ike Davis will hit 60 HR because he does not make enough contact or hit enough fly balls to make that happen,” that’s a great comment.

But if you say, “You’re a moron for thinking Ike Davis is going to hit 60 HR!” that’s not a productive comment.

Here are some rules to follow before making a comment.

1. Read the entire article.
We received a comment claiming that an article was invalid because the author didn’t discuss defense. Meanwhile, in the very first paragraph of the piece, the author said explicitly that he was focusing only on offense. So, the commenter came across looking foolish. We want commenters to come across looking brilliant – so please, read the entire article before posting.

2. When you disagree stay on target and criticize ideas – not people.
Good: “The idea that Ike Davis is going to hit 60 HR this year is crazy.”
Bad: “You are a moron if you think Ike Davis is going to hit 60 HR.”

3. Write in proper English
We have people ranging in age from eight to 80+ reading Mets360. We try to use proper English without swearing when we write our articles and we expect the same from the comments you leave for us. The intent is not to make non-native speakers feel unwelcome – rather to encourage people who know better to act accordingly.

Comments like “Mets Rool!” or “Phuck the Phillies” – along with any post in ALL CAPS – will be deleted immediately. Do not capitalize words for emphasis. Those posts will be edited or deleted based on the whims of the editor that particular day.

Also, pick a user name and stick with it. Your user name can be anything you like but we want you to have the same handle whenever you comment at the site. If you continue to create new aliases, those will not be approved and your comments will go to the trash.

Any comments that you leave for the site are subject to being removed if they violate these – or other – terms of basic common sense and decency. Our goal is to have 100 well-considered comments on every story. However, we have no interest in having moronic or profane material on this site. If you say something pointless, obscene, or needlessly argumentative – it will be removed.

The goal is to have comments that make us think, not ones that make us cringe. Hopefully our articles bring something to the table and your comments do the same thing. We value the comments section tremendously and we have definitely learned things from our readers there. We want the good stuff to continue and not to get drowned out by objectionable arguments and personal attacks.