On the struggles of Brett Baty

Yesterday came across an article that talked about Brett Baty, his struggles and what they hoped to accomplish with him in the minors. The article featured quotes from Syracuse hitting coach Collin Hetzler, who said this: “Being selectively aggressive is good, but at the same time you don’t want that to turn into taking heaters [...]

Billy Eppler on Francisco Alvarez making the team in 2023

For a guy that many didn’t have a very high opinion of this time last year, Billy Eppler had a very strong year in his first season as the Mets’ GM. But the following quote from Eppler about Francisco Alvarez makes me glad he’s the GM and not the manager. "As we're constituted right now, [...]

Brandon Nimmo on the work he put in to become a better defensive player

Awhile ago, there was a discussion on the blog about if MLB players could improve their defense. It seems safe to me to say that they can, only the overwhelming majority simply choose not to do that. Nimmo focused specifically on workouts targeted to make him a better center fielder. "We’ve worked a lot on [...]

Players weigh in on Dusty Baker, who the Mets could have hired two separate times last year

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know my feelings about Dusty Baker as a manager. Here's a snippet from 2019: IN PRAISE OF AN EX MANAGER – Dusty Baker is rarely thought of as one of the best managers in recent history but you’ll forgive me if that’s where he rates in [...]

Noah Syndergaard’s broken lease and broken contract

What follows is a Twitter exchange about Noah Syndergaard not paying on a lease during the pandemic. This is a couple of days old but these days I see things when I see them. Hope the lack of timeliness doesn't detract from the overall message. Amidst a fundamentally uninteresting dispute over an apartment lease, the [...]

Matt Adams and Coronavirus

Friend of the site John Coppinger was among the many who weighed in on the Matt Adams signing yesterday. Here's what he said: The Mets made a curious “Friday news dump” depth signing, as they have added first baseman Matt Adams on a minor league deal. snip So they can stash Smith on the roster [...]