Applying common sense to determine the Mets’ rotation

One thing that people fret about that doesn’t concern me in the slightest is the worry about how future free agents will react to how you handle the most-recent players you signed as free agents. You hear some variant of, “Future free agents won’t sign with a team that doesn’t bend over backwards to give [...]

Jose Quintana and his peers among Mets’ SP with at least 50 IP and an ERA north of 5.00

Mets’ starting pitching here in 2024 has been pretty bad. As a team, prior to Sunday morning’s start in London, the team’s SP were 11-22 with a 4.52 ERA. And that’s with Citi Field playing as an extreme pitcher’s park. That raw ERA ranked 23rd in the majors and if we had ERA+ in this [...]

David Stearns and the Mets need to play the long game at the trading deadline

Good morning, Guvnor! Yeah, corny, I know, but when in London… My Dick Van Dyke/bad Cockney accent aside, the Mets begin their whirlwind two-game set in the Motherland on a high note. Having swept the Washington Nationals before embarking on their ‘cross-pond journey, the Mets touched down at Heathrow tied for third place in the [...]

Removal of shift is biggest reason for Jeff McNeil’s struggles

There have been many under-performing hitters in the Mets' lineup in 2024. One of them has been Jeff McNeil. It was only two seasons ago when McNeil finished the 2022 season with a .326 average, which not only won him the National League batting title, but it was also tops in Major League Baseball as [...]

In the wake of the Jorge Lopez meltdown, Mets have a golden opportunity to overhaul their pitching philosophies

"Your conscience awakes and you see your mistakes
And you wish someone would buy your confessions
The days miss their mark, and the night gets so dark
And some kind of message comes through to you
Some kind of message shoots through..."

Questions for David Stearns, including: Why is Mark Vientos sitting?

Have the New York Mets already decided it is “starting figuring out next year” time? Has someone in the front office decided the Mets need to be well above .500 before rolling into June, and if not, the decision to fish or cut bait must be made quickly. Even as the electrons were drying on [...]