Mets Minors: Christian Scott changes minor league narrative

The Mets have a number of players in the minors right now who are playing well but their names are not the ones we were quite expecting. Jett Williams and Drew Gilbert were both Top 5 prospects and they are both injured, Luisangel Acuna and Kevin Parada are underwhelming and Ryan Clifford’s biggest asset right [...]

Blade Tidwell shines in Double-A the same day as Christian Scott’s MLB debut

All of the early season buzz around pitching in the minor leagues for the Mets this season revolved around Christian Scott. And with the other-worldly strikeout numbers he was posting, it’s not hard to understand. And then Scott made his MLB debut last night and was electric. Perhaps the most impressive thing was that he [...]

A look at how select Mets pitchers are doing so far in the minors

One of the themes in recent years in regards to the Mets’ farm system was that it was short on pitching prospects, both in terms of high-end quality and overall depth. Coming into 2024, my opinion was that the first point was debatable and the second point was downright false. Let’s take a look at [...]

Christian Scott racks up the strikeouts and gopher balls

Early in the year we see wacky things due mostly to small samples. And nowhere is this more apparent than with Mets top prospect Christian Scott, who has two games pitched so far for Triple-A Syracuse. And in those two games, Scott has displayed the electric stuff that has so many people so high on [...]

Mets Minors: Preseason Part III, those ranked 31-50

Finishing out our Top 50 rankings we reach a grouping of players that tend to fall into two distinct categories. Players with limited potential (meaning that they aren’t likely to reach the majors as everyday players but they are close to the majors) and lottery tickets (players who are so far from the majors they [...]

Mets Minors: Preseason Part II, those ranked 11-30

Continuing the Top 50 rankings we reach the section where there is quite a lot more disagreement, and not only because of the international signees. You will notice far more “Bold” predictions in this group and a lot less consensus. There are likely three to five people on this list who I rate as having [...]

This year’s farm system will try to match what the Mets had in 2013

Because of last year’s deadline deals to restock the farm system, there’s been a lot more talk about prospects now than there’s been in many years. It’s really nice to see all of the attention being given to prospects. It’s even better to hear David Stearns talk about youngsters from the farm system needing to [...]