At the end of April, we looked at a baker’s dozen worth of starting pitchers in the Mets’ farm system. Let’s check in on an equal number here near the end of May, if not the same 13 pitchers as last month. We have the promotion of Christian Scott and a couple of others who have been more or less passed by more interesting, if not necessarily better, hurlers.

Felipe De La Cruz 9 9 40.1 2.68 1.289 3.00
Jorge De Leon 4 4 8.2 3.12 1.269 1.18/17.21
Joel Diaz 5 5 12.2 2.84 0.868 1.36/.6.38
Dom Hamel 9 9 36.2 7.36 1.909 5.23
Nolan McLean 9 9 37 3.16 1.216 2.61/5.27
Kade Morris 9 8 45.2 3.94 1.226 4.80/3.30
Douglas Orellana 9 5 34 1.32 1.059 2.57
Brandon Sproat 9 8 44.1 1.42 1.038 3.49/4.11
Tyler Stuart 8 8 42.1 3.61 1.252 2.90
Joander Suarez 9 7 43.1 3.74 1.085 3.75
Blade Tidwell 9 7 49 2.20 1.122 2.25/5.85
Jonah Tong 9 7 40 0.90 0.950 0.82/2.68
Mike Vasil 10 10 40.1 7.59 1.562 6.84

The first thing that jumps out is how many guys have received promotions already. Previously, the Mets had given most of their promotions around the time of minor league All-Star games. This year, seven of our 13 pitchers have received a bump to a higher level, eight if we count Scott, who is now pitching in the majors.

The FIP column has two numbers, with the second one being what they’ve done at the higher level.

Now for a few words on each of them. In parentheses will be their seasonal age, level and where they are age-wise to level, with a “+” being young for the level and a “-“ being old compared to my target. For Triple-A, the age is 23, Double-A, the age is 22, Hi-A, the age is 21 and Lo-A the age is 20.

De La Cruz (23, Hi-A, -2) – Seven of his nine outings have been average or better. It’s no surprise that his two bad starts both came on the road, as Brooklyn is a strong pitcher’s park. Overall, he has an 11.16 K/9. Hope he gets a promotion here soon.

De Leon (21, Hi-A, 0) – Not to be confused with either the tenor who’s sung at the Met or the former Cubs pitcher, De Leon is back on the mound after missing the previous two seasons. He made three starts in the FCL, with a 1.13 ERA and then got hit hard in his first start for St. Lucie.

Diaz (20, Hi-A, +1) – After missing the 2023 season with TJ surgery, Diaz is back on the mound. Like De Leon, Diaz started in the FCL and then got bumped up to St. Lucie. He’s made two starts at the higher level and given up 2 ER in 6 IP.

Hamel (25, Triple-A, -2) – It’s been a bumpy ride for Hamel so far this year. He’s pitched much better at home; unfortunately, six of his nine games have come on the road. It wasn’t until the second half of 2023 that Hamel put things together a season ago. Perhaps he’ll repeat this this year.

McLean (22, Double-A, 0) – He really took advantage of his home park in Brooklyn, where he did not allow a run in 16.1 IP. In all games this year away from Maimonides Park, McLean has a 5.66 ERA.

Morris (22, Hi-A, -1) – Morris has a better FIP at the higher level of Brooklyn, although he pitched well in his road start. He’s allowed 2 ER in 11 IP in two starts for the Cyclones.

Orellana (22, Hi-A, -1) – After starting the year in the pen, Orellana has made five straight starts, each with a Game Score of 55 or higher. He has a 0.87 ERA as a SP, with 28 Ks in 20.2 IP. In two road starts for the Cyclones, Orellana has allowed 1 ER in 9 IP, with 16 Ks.

Sproat (23, Double-A, -1) – There’s been almost no drop off in quality for Sproat in making the jump to Binghamton. In three starts at the higher level, he has a 1.89 ERA and a 0.947 WHIP.

Stuart (24, Double-A, -2) – He’s been average or better in six of his eight starts. In his last four games, Stuart has a 2.78 ERA with 24 Ks in 22.2 IP. His FIP is a better indication of how he’s pitched this year.

Suarez (24, Double-A, -2) – Has gotten beaten up in his last two starts, as he’s allowed 9 ER in 6 IP his last two times on the mound. The real damage there came in his start against Reading, where he allowed 7 ER. In two games this year against REA, Suarez has allowed 12 ER in 9 IP. Maybe he can come down with a cold if he’s scheduled to face them again. Versus all other teams, Suarez has a 1.57 ERA in 34.1 IP.

Tidwell (23, Triple-A, 0) – He has a 1.54 ERA in two games for Syracuse but the walk problems which were an issue in the past have popped up again. Tidwell has allowed 8 BB in 11.2 IP in Triple-A. Fortunately, he’s given up just seven hits and has been able to limit the damage that way.

Tong (21, Hi-A, 0) – He was just promoted to Hi-A when this list came out in April. In five games for Brooklyn, Tong has a 1.69 ERA. Two of those games have been road starts, where he’s allowed 3 ER in 7.2 IP.

Vasil (24, Triple-A, -1) – Things started horribly for Vasil this year but he put up three strong starts in a row in May, where he posted a 3.60 ERA in 15 IP. But it was back to rotten results with his last start. Overall, Vasil has allowed 10 HR in 40.1 IP. It’s tough to look good with a 2.23 HR/9.


Austin Troesser and Jordany Ventura got bumped from last month’s list. In his last four games, Troesser has a 9.24 ERA. Ventura was listed as a starter even though all of his games in April were out of the pen. Ventura started his last two games and the first one was good and the second was terrible. He could return to the chart next month.

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