Metsense Fri May 31 7:38 pm
Fireworks tonight!
Severino have up 3 runs In the 1st inning
nimmo doubles in a run
Nimmo double doesn’t score a run
Marte Triples in 3 runs !
Vientos with RBI single
4-3 Mets top of 2nd
Lindor RBI Double RBI
Metsense Fri May 31 7:56 pm
5-3 top of the 3rd
ChrisF Fri May 31 7:56 pm
Afternoon Mets fans
Metsense Fri May 31 7:56 pm
Only one fan here Chris
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:03 pm
who is that at 2B?
cannot give them free outs
Metsense Fri May 31 8:05 pm
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:05 pm
Metsense Fri May 31 8:05 pm
Baty and Scott demoted
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:06 pm
Metsense Fri May 31 8:06 pm
Narvaez DFA
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:07 pm
Metsense Fri May 31 8:08 pm
Torrens Pick up From the yankees
Nunez promoted
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:09 pm
Big day in Mets land
who the heck are all these people
Metsense Fri May 31 8:12 pm
Torrens catchers 28 old, 15 HR when was Seatle
5-4 top 4th
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:16 pm
Nice grab nimmo
Metsense Fri May 31 8:19 pm
They want to Have baby Succeed That They are ignoring
Alvarez HR in Bingotown
Alonso RBI double
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:30 pm
Be nice to get him home
cmon JD
niot the knock I was hoping for!
there it is!!
Metsense Fri May 31 8:32 pm
Marte delives
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:33 pm
hope you are well these days Metsense. Can’t believe weve been chatting for more than 10 years!
Metsense Fri May 31 8:34 pm
Vientos delivers
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:35 pm
seems Brian cant take these games recently. Who could blame him!
Metsense Fri May 31 8:36 pm
i’m Okay
Brian probably has a game
8-4 Mets top of the 5th
chris It is probably 13 years chatting
Name Fri May 31 8:50 pm
could we really win 2 in a row?
Metsense Fri May 31 8:50 pm
We still have to get into the bullpen
Name Fri May 31 8:51 pm
Iglesias? who was sent down for him?
also i can’t believe they scored 8 runs
Metsense Fri May 31 8:52 pm
88 P Severino but 88 pitches under stress
Baty demoted
Navrez DFA
Scott demoted
Name Fri May 31 8:53 pm
so only 1 catcher?
Metsense Fri May 31 8:54 pm
Torrens from the Yankees
Nunez promoted
Name Fri May 31 8:56 pm
Lindor got greedy
so the Mets are now paying 5 catching salaries, and getting zero production lol
Metsense Fri May 31 8:57 pm
Nido is on a hot streak
Name Fri May 31 8:57 pm
would have been the 9th run had Lindor not made the out at 2nd
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:58 pm
13 years, thats crazy!
Metsense Fri May 31 8:59 pm
No We are crazy
ChrisF Fri May 31 8:59 pm
they ain’t paying too much for all the C though Name. And who needs em anyway
Metsense Fri May 31 9:00 pm
Masochistic Bunch
ChrisF Fri May 31 9:01 pm
ha, I cant believe were coming on a decade for the 2015 season. I remember after getting so close to winning the East chatting and then after the game getting tickets for the following night in Cincy. And they won!
Name Fri May 31 9:01 pm
wow, Ron saying Carlos is “pushing” his starter and he’s only at 88 pitchers… sad comment
ChrisF Fri May 31 9:02 pm
this game hardly in our poclets
Metsense Fri May 31 9:02 pm
Severino Is laboring 4 of 5 Innings
Name Fri May 31 9:02 pm
maybe 10 years younger Marte makes that
while he was juicing on PEDs
Metsense Fri May 31 9:04 pm
Name Fri May 31 9:05 pm
ah dang, 4 game series. a win today isn’t even a series win!
so did anyone explain why Scott was sent down?
roster manipulation pre-London?
Metsense Fri May 31 9:06 pm
No need for a 6 man rotation because of the3 days off
Nada for Nunez
ChrisF Fri May 31 9:12 pm
Metsense Fri May 31 9:12 pm
Name Fri May 31 9:12 pm
so unlike his predecessors, Stearns is willing to shuttle young SP. i can’t recall the last time that happened to a Mets starter
Dbacks fans must be fuming! they get an ice cold Mets squad and about to lose the first 2 games
Metsense Fri May 31 9:15 pm
They are not having a good season either
Does Vientos have more hits This season than Baty?
Name Fri May 31 9:19 pm
he has more doubles than Baty
Metsense Fri May 31 9:19 pm
Now that’s an accomplishment
Name Fri May 31 9:22 pm
Baty makes that catch
Metsense Fri May 31 9:22 pm
Name Fri May 31 9:30 pm
1 good game and Keith says it’s a “good lineup”
Name Fri May 31 9:55 pm
no stress 9th, feels good
Metsense Fri May 31 9:56 pm
Don’t get cocky
5 run lead and he’s wasting Garrett
This is why the bullpen Is stressed All the time
Name Fri May 31 9:59 pm
so much for a blowout win
Metsense Fri May 31 10:00 pm
Dang again
3 pitches one out 2 Home runs
Name Fri May 31 10:02 pm
Reed’s run is over
the league has figured him out
Metsense Fri May 31 10:02 pm
Name Fri May 31 10:03 pm
needed every bit of that 10 runs
Metsense Fri May 31 10:03 pm
Garrett is a small success sample
is wasap a Journeyman
Name Fri May 31 10:05 pm
in the beginning he benefitted from his new stuff being unknown, now the word has gotten out and so he has to adjust again
Metsense Fri May 31 10:05 pm
I hope he does Because we need him
Name Fri May 31 10:06 pm
but if he tries to do the same thing then we get more outings like this and the Giants
Metsense Fri May 31 10:07 pm
I’m glad that we got 10 runs !
Thanks for the chatter, Good night