Luis Severino vs Michael Lorenzen (6/18/24)

zk Yesterday at 7:48 pm We're losing 3-2 going to the top of the 3rd. Hope to make it home for the end of the Mets game. Metsense Yesterday at 8:09 pm 7th Heaven - Let's go Mets Gus Yesterday at 8:14 pm Hi Metsense Metsense Yesterday at 8:16 pm Hi Texas Gus How is [...]

David Peterson vs Jon Gray (6/17/24)

Brian Yesterday at 8:06 pm Keep the winning streak alive! Lindor starts things off with a single Metsense Yesterday at 8:11 pm Good start hi Brian Brian Yesterday at 8:11 pm I emailed Joe and let him know we were targeting Thursday. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything from him. Metsense [...]

Adam Mazur vs Jose Quintana (6/15/24)

Name Yesterday at 4:15 pm last huurah for Q? Brian Yesterday at 4:15 pm Let's hope so Name Yesterday at 4:16 pm i'm glad they didn't wear shitty connects for London Brian Yesterday at 4:17 pm Bad uniforms on both sides today Name Yesterday at 4:21 pm good start Brian Yesterday at 4:22 pm those [...]

Matt Waldron vs Sean Manaea (6/14/24)

ChrisF Yesterday at 6:47 pm Looking like a significant rain delay for tonight zk Yesterday at 6:53 pm Great news! Make it last two hours and maybe I can see the end of it -- Brian Metsense Yesterday at 8:14 pm We are starting José Hunter Yesterday at 8:34 pm Woe is me! Yet another [...]

Roddery Munoz vs Luis Severino (6/13/24)

zk Yesterday at 6:50 pm 2nd of three games in a row for me. Bring us home another win! ChrisF Yesterday at 7:08 pm Evenin Mets fans José Hunter Yesterday at 7:36 pm Just saw a commercial that told me to call 1-800-dementia. How did they know? Why didn't the Marls challenge that out call [...]

Braxton Garrett vs David Peterson (6/12/24)

zk Yesterday at 6:56 pm This is Brian - got a game tonight so won't be around Metsense Yesterday at 7:15 pm With a LHP for the Marlins I would have Iglesias play second base tonight BADER 2 run HR José Hunter Yesterday at 7:21 pm Why is this thing telling me the game won't [...]