Announcing an update to DRS system by BIS

Here's an email from Baseball Info Solutions: After a considerable amount of study, we’re releasing the latest update to our Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) metric. Since 2013, our video tracking has allowed us to chart the pre-pitch infielder positioning. That data allows for the evaluation of defensive performance for individual fielders on shift plays and [...]

Site update for Mets360

Early next year will be the 10th anniversary for Mets360. When it was my 10th wedding anniversary, a former colleague of mine, an older fellow, congratulated me and said, “The first 10 are the hardest.” Does the same thing apply to baseball blogs? Maybe it does. While there’s been continuity, there have certainly been plenty [...]

Come write for Mets360

Are you a passionate Mets fan? Can you follow style directions? Are you a team player? If so, we’d like you to become a writer here at Mets360. Want to express your admiration for Mickey Callaway? Go for it! Want to explain why Jose Reyes should not be released? Make your case. I want you [...]