The 1966 Johnny Lewis Volpe Tumbler

Back in 1966, the Mets weren’t considered a good team but they did participate with a few other major league teams in a gas station plastic cup giveaway promotion. That year, the Mets joined the Cincinnati Reds, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers in giving away these cups featuring the [...]

Mets Song of the Month: ‘There’s Dirt on old Fifteen’

This is another song that started in one spot and ended in another.  The attempt was to write a song about a Met player that nobody would ever think of focusing on.  It started with Barry Lyons but got nowhere fast.  While doing work on the Lyons song, the focus shifted to one of the [...]

Collectibles: ‘Tom Seaver on Right Hand Pitching’

Recently a copy of an original Tom Seaver 8mm movie recently became available. This film was produced by Action Films, Inc. of Mountain View, California which put out a 12-volume baseball set in 1970. In the movie, Seaver provides instruction and tips on: 1) Stretching, kicking, and striding 2) Holding runners on base 3) Grips [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 1970 Ed Kranepool

1970 KELLOGG'S ED KRANEPOOL What makes this card special, is that aside from it being the only time Ed Kranepool was on a Kellogg's card, it was also the very first card in Kellogg's very first set. In 1970, the Mets were coming off their championship season. Three of Kranepool's teammates were also featured in [...]