Me and Richie, me and Fitz, me and Scott, me and Alex, & me and Mets.360

The Mets have a new owner. The Wilpons are gone. Tom Seaver has passed away. Standing at this crossroads in the team’s history, this seems like a perfect opportunity to mark my departure from writing. I’d like to thank Brian for giving me the chance to write for Mets.360. I had a dream the other [...]

Mets Song of the Month: ‘I Got Me a Seat Out at Shea’

This song was a long time coming. It started out as song about the brass plates in the parking lot of Citi Field (where the bases at Shea used to be).  That ended up being just a couple of lines in this one. Then I tried doing something about the Polo Grounds and that didn’t [...]

Trying to find a reason to stick with Steven Matz in 2021

Don’t get me wrong. I like Steven Matz. He’s easy to root for as a Long Island kid pitching for his hometown team. Overall, however, his 2020 season didn’t build on his 2018 and 2019 performances. In his sixth season with the team, the 29-year-old southpaw went 0-5 in six game starts (plus three relief [...]

What the Mets’ Opening Day roster could look like in 2021

Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed that Steve Cohen gets the requisite number of votes at the forthcoming owner’s meeting. Assuming he does, what might the deeper pockets of the new ownership mean for the 2021 opening day roster? Overall strategy: This version of the roster was designed to retain most of what the team [...]

The 1966 Johnny Lewis Volpe Tumbler

Back in 1966, the Mets weren’t considered a good team but they did participate with a few other major league teams in a gas station plastic cup giveaway promotion. That year, the Mets joined the Cincinnati Reds, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers in giving away these cups featuring the [...]

Mets Song of the Month: ‘There’s Dirt on old Fifteen’

This is another song that started in one spot and ended in another.  The attempt was to write a song about a Met player that nobody would ever think of focusing on.  It started with Barry Lyons but got nowhere fast.  While doing work on the Lyons song, the focus shifted to one of the [...]