Mets Magazine Vol 52 (2013) No 5This time on Memorabilia Review we will take a peek at the fifth, and final, program put out by the Mets for the 2013 season.

This issue is Volume 52, Issue #5, cover price is $5.  It is the fourth of 5 different issues that the Mets produced in 2013 (April 1st, May 20th, July 19thth, August 6nd and September 9th), and it is a Professional Sports Publication production and 192 pages.  Jon Niese for the third time, and Dillon Gee for the second time grace the cover, which is captioned Back On The Hill, or El Aegreso Al Monticulo as this is the annual half English/half Spanish issue.

Along with the cover features on Gee and Niese, the feature articles are on Wilmer Flores, Juan Lagares and Eric Young, Jr.

The usual departments are represented;

First up is a special introduction that describes the reasoning of this special bi-lingual issue of the publication.

The 2013 schedule, truncated to be the final month of the season, and ticket info.

The Around The Bases capsule previews of upcoming homestand opponents.  This issue looks at the Nationals, Marlins, Giants and Brewers.  As well as Rookie Watch spotlight on the Nationals’ Anthony Rendon, and the Marlins’ Christian Yelich.  This is followed by a four page spotlight on Mike Piazza Hall of Fame Day on September 29th which lists various moments in Piazza’s Met career.  The Gee feature follows this up.

Throughout the book are scattered full page action shots under the banner “Mets All-Stars of the 2000s.”  Represented are Tom Glavine, Al Leiter, Pedro Martinez, Mike Piazza, and Billy Wagner.

Following the Glavine page is a two page spotlight of the Spanish broadcast team of Nestpr Rosario, Juan Alicea and Max Perez Jimenez.  The Niese feature comes after it.

Next up is the In The Community department, followed by a look at the Citi Field Sleepover that was held during the summer.

The Flores feature follows those spotlights, and that is followed by a spotlight on the 2013 Entry Draft

Up next is the scorecard, once again is the same for the entire length of the homestands the issue covers.  Zack Wheeler is the poster boy of this issue.

Following the scorecard, is the Lagares feature, and after it is a one page spotlight on Hooves On First night, which celebrates the American Wild Horse and raises awareness to their mistreatment.  This is followed by spotlights on Travis d’Arnaud‘s debut, and the annual Fiesta Latina night.  And those are followed by the Young feature.

The next spotlight is the Prospect Profile, on Michael Fulmer, followed by one on Taiwanese Heritage Day.  Merchandise gets a spotlight as well, with a half off sale on All Star Game merchandise, and a look towards the 2013 holiday season.  Next up is the Specialty of The House, which is for a Goya Marinated Pork Burrito.  And Edgardo Alfonzo is featured in the Catching Up With feature.

Then you get the usual Kids Pages, Citi Field information, and the On The Air headshots of the broadcast crews to wrap up the book.

Definitely worth the 5 buck cover price!  By the way, for information on how to purchase the programs without going to Citi Field, the information is listed on the Mets’ website at


Sold at all merchandise locations within Citi Field for $5. It may also be purchased by writing to: Mets Magazine, c/o New York Mets, Citi Field, Flushing, NY 11368-1699. Please add $1 for postage and handling – payment should be made by check made out to Mets Publications or money order.

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  • Jim OMalley

    Too bad you can’t buy a Murphy Irish Heritage night tshirt too. Those were nice.

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