Javier Assad vs Sean Manaea (4/30/24)

Brian Tue Apr 30 6:55 pm Knicks look to eliminate the 76ers tonight! Brian Tue Apr 30 7:16 pm Flipped to the Mets just in time to see them get an inning-ending DP. Now let's get some runs No Bader in the lineup Mets get the lead on an Alonso SF Two-out rally following the [...]

A look at how select Mets pitchers are doing so far in the minors

One of the themes in recent years in regards to the Mets’ farm system was that it was short on pitching prospects, both in terms of high-end quality and overall depth. Coming into 2024, my opinion was that the first point was debatable and the second point was downright false. Let’s take a look at [...]

Jameson Taillon vs Luis Severino (4/29/24)

Brian Yesterday at 7:12 pm Let's Go Mets! I'm in and out, cooking dinner Metsense Yesterday at 7:17 pm I'll stop by and bring the dessert Brian Yesterday at 7:18 pm Nice! See it was a good first inning for Severino Ugly uniforms today Metsense Yesterday at 7:18 pm He is surprising me this season [...]

Taking stock of the Mets after one month

Preseason predictions largely estimated the New York Mets would be a near .500 ball club. A little better if the pitching staff performed slightly better than a median forecast, but also a little worse if the rotation performed a bit more poorly. The Mets are currently 14-13 and performing about as expected. The Mets Pythagorean [...]

Tyrone Taylor and the quest for more playing time

One of the pleasant surprises of the 2024 season so far has been the play of Tyrone Taylor. When the Mets acquired him from the Brewers, the thought was that he was a strong fourth outfielder, one who could play all three outfield positions and be above-average defensively. Additionally, while a RHB, he did not [...]

Sonny Gray vs Adrian Houser (4/27/24)

Name Yesterday at 4:06 pm the city connects look ok to look at but man when they are on the players it's UGLY Brian Yesterday at 4:08 pm Ugly jerseys and Smoltz - what a combo Metsense Yesterday at 4:11 pm Houser is ugly Today Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm Only on days that end [...]

Francisco Lindor’s odd start to the season

Note: All stats in this article include games through the Mets’ April 24th, 2024 game against the Giants. It would be an understatement to call the start of the Mets’ 2024 season uneven and unexpected, and perhaps no other aspect of their overarching team performance illustrates that better than what’s been going on with their [...]