Sean Manaea vs Yoshinobu Yamamoto (4/19/24)

Metsense Yesterday at 10:12 pm California Dreaming Name Yesterday at 10:18 pm hi Metsense finally got a decent stream Metsense Yesterday at 10:19 pm hi NAME Brian Yesterday at 10:23 pm We're not looking good versus YY Name Yesterday at 10:23 pm STEWART Brian We're not looking good versus YY the reverse jinx worked! Brian [...]

A look at the Mets’ offense in the last 11 games, which has led to eight wins

All during the offseason, we heard management say that the 2024 Mets would be in contention for a Wild Card spot. With an offseason spent more focused on short-term deals and future flexibility, that talk seemed optimistic. Yet three weeks into the season, that’s essentially what’s been accomplished. While if the playoffs started today, the [...]