Mets DFA Julio Teheran and his 13.50 ERA, meatball-throwing self

The Mets designated Julio Teheran for assignment, calling up Dedniel Nunez to replace him on the active roster. The team clearly could use another bullpen arm right now and when Teheran’s spot in the rotation comes up again, they’ll be able to promote Jose Butto, as the 15-day window of his being optioned to the [...]

Mets made the right choice in not using Edwin Diaz Monday night

There are a lot of things which the David Stearns-Carlos Mendoza regime has bungled so far in their brief tenure in Queens. Signing Harrison Bader with the thought of making him a full-time player is the first thing that jumps to mind, although there are others. The handling of Jose Butto, the construction of a [...]