Comparing the offensive merits of Tyrone Taylor and D.J. Stewart

In yesterday’s Game Chatter we talked some about the relative merits of DJ Stewart and Tyrone Taylor. Clearly, Taylor is the better defensive player. But the question is if Stewart’s big advantage on offense makes up for his deficit in defense. If this was a Presidential debate, people would accuse me of being a flip-flopper [...]

Adam Ottavino off to a strong start in his third year with the Mets

The Mets’ bullpen has been a very pleasant surprise so far here in 2024, with several members displaying excellent numbers. Because good results abound, it’s somewhat easy for an individual player to get lost. And in the Mets’ case that certainly applies to Adam Ottavino. There’s no immediate story for Ottavino like there is for [...]

Checking in on the early results from last year’s deadline deals of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander

At the risk of killing the good vibes around the Mets’ ongoing offensive explosion, let’s take a moment to look back at last year’s deadline deals, where Max Scherzer was traded for Luisangel Acuna and Justin Verlander was dealt for Ryan Clifford and Drew Gilbert. Let’s break it down by what the players did in [...]

Mets’ starting pitchers and completing six innings

While looking for something else, stumbled across an article from last year entitled, “A look at the Mets’ starting pitching at the one-third part of the season.” And while Footballhead might appreciate that the article quoted Talking Heads, what stood out to me the most was this: Incredibly, a Mets starting pitcher has completed at [...]

Mets DFA Julio Teheran and his 13.50 ERA, meatball-throwing self

The Mets designated Julio Teheran for assignment, calling up Dedniel Nunez to replace him on the active roster. The team clearly could use another bullpen arm right now and when Teheran’s spot in the rotation comes up again, they’ll be able to promote Jose Butto, as the 15-day window of his being optioned to the [...]

Mets made the right choice in not using Edwin Diaz Monday night

There are a lot of things which the David Stearns-Carlos Mendoza regime has bungled so far in their brief tenure in Queens. Signing Harrison Bader with the thought of making him a full-time player is the first thing that jumps to mind, although there are others. The handling of Jose Butto, the construction of a [...]

Mets go dumpster diving to sign Julio Teheran

Longtime readers will know my oft-stated distaste of the Mets’ organization’s preference for guys who were good on another team three or more years – but who now stink – over giving guys from their own organization a shot. And it’s true whether it was dumpster diving for starting pitchers or recycling old first basemen [...]