Checking in with national baseball writers and who they think the Mets will get at the top of the free agent market

Some people think that because Steve Cohen is the wealthiest owner in MLB that he will continually run payrolls like he did in 2023. Maybe they’re right. Originally, the plan was to run high payrolls until the point where the farm system started producing players. Are we at that point yet? Is that still the [...]

Checking in on the health of the Mets’ blogosphere

This is the second time asking this question. The first time came prior to the 2015 season and we came up with 25 that had posted in the previous few months. The rule this time is that the site has had to have published since October 15th. Furthermore, let’s not include online versions of print [...]

Divining what’s real and what isn’t with Quad-A guys and top prospects

It’s tough to know what’s real and what isn’t. DJ Stewart looks like a keeper with the way he’s pounding the ball right now. But is this a good player or a mediocre one who just happens to be in the middle of a six-week hot streak? Anyone who claims to know is kidding themselves. [...]

Making faces at the Mets’ current active roster

Think back to Opening Day and what your thoughts were about the team and the upcoming season. Then, go to the Mets’ current 26-man roster, which you can find over at and imagine what might go thru your late-March brain. Here are my thoughts: Pitchers Phil Bickford?!? – Guess he’s an option reliever who [...]

The Mets bend over backwards to disprove the ‘blind squirrel’ theory

There’s an old saying that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. If you’ve never heard that one before, it means that you can be incompetent and sometimes be right just by chance. If only that idiom applied to the Mets. With trades and such, they’ve had to promote a bunch [...]

Putting context to Starling Marte’s OPS+ drop

My preseason projections anticipated drop-offs from Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar. But the other players underperforming on the 2023 Mets were a surprise to me. Today, let’s look at the decline of Starling Marte, since arguably that’s the one that’s hurt the Mets the most. Last year, at age 33, Marte put up a 133 [...]

Pete Alonso is the Mets’ token All-Star selection

Congratulations to Pete Alonso for being selected as the Mets’ representative to the 2023 All-Star game! It’s the third All-Star selection for Alonso, which ties him with Keith Hernandez for most All-Star games by a Mets first baseman. Alonso celebrated the news, which came shortly before Sunday’s game, with a double and a homer in [...]