The Mets’ pitching rotation is producing good results

Before the 2024 season began, I think it is safe to say starting pitching was not expected to be a team strength for the New York Mets. The headline starters from the 2023 season, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, had been shipped elsewhere prior to the end of last season. No big-name starters were signed [...]

Mets’ starting pitchers and completing six innings

While looking for something else, stumbled across an article from last year entitled, “A look at the Mets’ starting pitching at the one-third part of the season.” And while Footballhead might appreciate that the article quoted Talking Heads, what stood out to me the most was this: Incredibly, a Mets starting pitcher has completed at [...]

Do the Mets sign Alonso long-term now or let him walk?

There continues to be a debate over whether 29-year-old Pete Alonso should remain a member of the Mets, especially with his less than stellar start to the 2024 season.  While he has ramped up his hitting game this last week, including a bunch of long balls that left him one HR off the MLB lead [...]