The Mets’ pitching rotation is producing good results

Before the 2024 season began, I think it is safe to say starting pitching was not expected to be a team strength for the New York Mets. The headline starters from the 2023 season, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, had been shipped elsewhere prior to the end of last season. No big-name starters were signed [...]

Remembering pitching coaches Rube Walker and Mel Stottlemyre

A point of commonality for the two Mets championship seasons of 1969 and 1986 was that both teams possessed an excellent pitching coach, Rube Walker for the ‘69 squad and Mel Stottlemyre in ‘86. Walker was a baseball lifer, his playing career was mostly as a backup catcher, first for the Cubs, then for the [...]

A pitcher from Japanese baseball to consider, besides Yoshinobo Yamamoto

A lot of teams, probably including the Mets, are going to be pursuing free-agent pitcher Yoshinobo Yamamoto, who starred in the Nippon League this season. However there is another star pitcher to consider signing who did well in Japan this year, and that would be a more controversial personality, Trevor Bauer. We’ll start off looking [...]

CBS Sports’ Mets projections, or how I learned to not worry about AI

I occasionally check the CBS Sports website including the MLB standings. The standings section includes hard data like won-lost, games behind, and run differential for each team, and also some projections. I began noticing, some time ago, that the projections were outrageous, in too many instances. The CBS computer, presumably powered by AI (artificial intelligence) [...]

Branch Rickey and the Mets’ starting rotation

Branch Rickey was undoubtedly the greatest and most important baseball executive of all time. He turned two teams into perennial powerhouses, he invented the farm system, was a peerless judge of talent and, oh yeah, he managed to integrate MLB despite the unanimous opposition of the other owners. Rickey was once asked his thoughts on [...]

The Mets legacy of Vin Scully

Vin Scully passed away last August at the age of 94, after a baseball broadcasting career with the Dodgers that lasted from 1950-2016. He was a man who was probably the best at his profession of anyone who ever lived. But, what’s this about his Mets legacy? It's true that Scully never was a play-by-play [...]