Javier Assad vs Sean Manaea (4/30/24)

Brian Tue Apr 30 6:55 pm Knicks look to eliminate the 76ers tonight! Brian Tue Apr 30 7:16 pm Flipped to the Mets just in time to see them get an inning-ending DP. Now let's get some runs No Bader in the lineup Mets get the lead on an Alonso SF Two-out rally following the [...]

A look at how select Mets pitchers are doing so far in the minors

One of the themes in recent years in regards to the Mets’ farm system was that it was short on pitching prospects, both in terms of high-end quality and overall depth. Coming into 2024, my opinion was that the first point was debatable and the second point was downright false. Let’s take a look at [...]