Jordan Montgomery vs Luis Severino (5/31/24)

Metsense Fri May 31 7:38 pm Fireworks tonight! Severino have up 3 runs In the 1st inning nimmo doubles in a run Nimmo double doesn't score a run Marte Triples in 3 runs ! Vientos with RBI single 4-3 Mets top of 2nd Lindor RBI Double RBI Metsense Fri May 31 7:56 pm 5-3 top [...]

Zac Gallen vs Christian Scott (5/30/24)

ChrisF Yesterday at 7:16 pm Scott out of the 1st! gallen hurt/././…????? gallen OUT after 1 bqatter Name Yesterday at 8:48 pm Mets in their usual spot - losing looks like no one wants to watch this shit show anymore Name Yesterday at 9:04 pm Lindor has been bad offensively and defensively this year not [...]

In the wake of the Jorge Lopez meltdown, Mets have a golden opportunity to overhaul their pitching philosophies

"Your conscience awakes and you see your mistakes
And you wish someone would buy your confessions
The days miss their mark, and the night gets so dark
And some kind of message comes through to you
Some kind of message shoots through..."

Mets Minors: Jeremy Rodriguez emerges as a Top 10 prospect

This season has not gone well for the Mets and while it wasn’t supposed to be a banner year the Mets look like they might once again find themselves as sellers at the trade deadline. Last year when the Mets were in a similar position, names like Drew Gilbert, Luisangel Acuna and Ryan Clifford stole [...]