Jordan Hicks vs Luis Severino (5/25/24)

ChrisF Yesterday at 3:11 pm Afternoon Mets fans Metsense Yesterday at 3:27 pm 1-1 top of the 7 th Severino 102 P ,walks the batter, Mendoza visits, leaves him in, next pitcher, pop up, inning over Who is afraid of the bogeyman BATY Severino is rewarded Metsense Yesterday at 3:50 pm 2-1 Mets Top 8th [...]

The 2024 Mets might just be a collection of imperfect parts

We’ve arrived at a fairly standard juncture in a baseball season when fans and pundits opine on where the season is headed based on the results thus far. We’re roughly 30% into the 2024 campaign and, depending on your personal viewpoint, it’s either getting late early or we still need additional time to assess. The [...]