Shawn Dubin vs Luis Severino (6/30/24)

NYM6986 Sun Jun 30 4:34 pm Looks like another hour before the weather clears a bit Brian Sun Jun 30 5:42 pm Posted 5:26 -- Rain still moving over Citi Field. Heaviest is staying south of the ballpark but still a good amount of rain to get through before the game can resume. Brian Sun [...]

Wild Card contention, hoarding assets and evaluating prospects for the Mets

Some people think I don’t like Pete Alonso, which is simply untrue. As a fan of power, it’s great to see Alonso come to the plate. The thing that doesn’t ring true for me is the idea of giving him a blank check, in terms of both years and AAV. The past three seasons, FanGraphs [...]

Framber Valdez vs Tylor Megill (6/29/24)

Brian Yesterday at 4:09 pm Keep those hits coming! Black uniforms last night, City Connects today - sigh Metsense Yesterday at 4:11 pm Megill Is due to have a good game I hope Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm There's a new job for Marte - videographer NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:14 pm Got to admire Mendoza [...]

The impact of Edwin Diaz’ suspension on the starting rotation

Several days ago, in response to the suspension of Edwin Diaz, Will Sammon of The Athletic wrote the following: Thus, some nimble roster maneuvering may be required. For example, it wouldn’t be shocking if David Peterson and Tylor Megill both got optioned to Triple A following their next starts — assuming the Mets stick with [...]

Gut Reaction: Mets 7, Astros 2 (6/28/24)

After sweeping the cross town Yankees, the Mets welcomed the hottest team in baseball to Citi Field, the Astros, who had strung together seven straight wins to get themselves back to .500. Jose Quintana muddled his way through four innings throwing 93 pitches with only 54 strikes. He was touched for a Jose Altuve HR [...]

Ronel Blanco vs Jose Quintana (6/28/24)

Brian Yesterday at 7:11 pm May the Quintana-Alvarez pairing pay off again A first-pitch HR for Altuve Brian Yesterday at 7:21 pm Mets get a gift strike call there What an ugly inning for Quintana Mets incredibly fortunate to only give up the one run. Lindor with the leadoff walk Nimmo walks and we have [...]

The Mets turn several narratives on their head here in June

Much has been made at this site about how Citi Field has suppressed offense thru the first couple of months. That had the dual effect of making the pitchers look better than they were, while making the hitters look worse than they were. Those who ignored that reality made foolish proclamations about how what was [...]

The pitching results with Francisco Alvarez behind the plate

No stat is perfect and catcher’s ERA (cERA) has more than its share of faults. But it’s not totally useless. And with a pitching staff lacking a dominant hurler or two, cERA is probably more useful for the 2024 Mets than a lot of other teams out there. And the results are impossible to ignore. [...]