Gut Reaction: Mets 5, Padres 1 (6/15/24)

On a date freighted with New York Mets history, both disastrous and triumphant, the Mets got themselves a win over a quality team. This makes it two in a row over the Padres, eight-out-of-ten overall, another series win and maybe something brewing this season after all. Rookie Adam Mazur made his first career start in [...]

Adam Mazur vs Jose Quintana (6/15/24)

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Looking deeper at Francisco Lindor’s lineup spot

Francisco Lindor has seen success this season following a slow start. This has been a typical pattern of Lindor’s time with the Mets, a slow start followed by elite production at the plate. The difference this year is that the turnaround seemed to happen when Lindor was moved into the leadoff spot in the batting [...]