The Mets are slugging their way into contention

What a difference a month makes. At this time in June, the Mets were over the pond, taking on the otherworldly Philadelphia Phillies in the MLB London Series – to give it its full Carnaby Street moniker. At that point, their record stood at 27-35. This had actually been an improvement over their season-low, achieved [...]

Gut Reaction: Mets 5, Padres 1 (6/15/24)

On a date freighted with New York Mets history, both disastrous and triumphant, the Mets got themselves a win over a quality team. This makes it two in a row over the Padres, eight-out-of-ten overall, another series win and maybe something brewing this season after all. Rookie Adam Mazur made his first career start in [...]

David Stearns and the Mets need to play the long game at the trading deadline

Good morning, Guvnor! Yeah, corny, I know, but when in London… My Dick Van Dyke/bad Cockney accent aside, the Mets begin their whirlwind two-game set in the Motherland on a high note. Having swept the Washington Nationals before embarking on their ‘cross-pond journey, the Mets touched down at Heathrow tied for third place in the [...]

Mets’ fans’ worst-case scenario for 2024 is playing to script

Well, at least it is for one Mets fan I could name. Back in March, some clown wrote that this 2024 season would be a mystery, that we couldn’t really gauge how it would play out at that early juncture. The way this team was constructed, in the aftermath of the scorched-Earth summer of 2023, [...]

Sound the trumpets: Edwin Diaz has returned

You may have heard about a football game coming up tomorrow, some minor affair involving teams from Kansas City and San Francisco. Besides the promised sideshow of the current hottest pop star on the planet cheering on her boyfriend and the attendant political theatre that has come along with it, this other-sport replay of the [...]

Short leash: Mets fans are already impatient with David Stearns

“That’s why they brought him [David Stearns] here, I’m telling you. [Steve] Cohen lost so much money and has to pay $100 million in luxury tax, and this guy is here to run the team like the Brewers.” – WFAN (NY) Radio host and self-proclaimed huge Mets fan Joe Benigno on the air. A large [...]

The Mets are sharing the spotlight with the playoffs

It’s an exciting time in and around MLB these days. The postseason tournament has begun and had that wonderful playoff combination you get when you have slightly less than half the League’s teams qualifying: some games taught and intense, some laughably one-sided. The first playoff round was the latter, with each of the four series [...]

What would a Steve Cohen – David Stearns relationship look like?

The time has finally arrived. The ideal candidate, the object of the savvy Mets fan’s affection will be free to reciprocate in a matter of three weeks. Heck, he’s already free to negotiate with whoever he wants right now. David Stearns will finally have his Suds City chains broken and he will, if he so [...]