Brett Baty might force the Mets’ hand at third base

Following a productive trade deadline in which the Mets offloaded the likes of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, the Mets now have a minor league system that is bursting at the seams with talent. Despite this failed season, their ascension to the 11th spot in’s latest farm system rankings should have Mets fans excited [...]

To have competitive starting pitching in 2025, the Mets should spend this offseason

Where were you when The Great Fire Sale of 2023 happened? If you don’t remember exactly where you were, it is still reasonable to believe the way that you felt when it happened. Any mixture of anger, frustration, and sadness is applicable to the situation. The immediate speculation was that with the significant prospect haul [...]

Yankees would make sense as Tommy Pham trade destination

The second half of the New York Mets’ season is now underway. There’s still no signal as to whether this team will add or subject at the soon-approaching deadline. On one hand, the starting pitching has slowly started to reel it in, despite another disappointing start from David Peterson and another big game absence from [...]

Pitchers the Mets should target to upgrade their staff

Despite the eyesore that is an under .500 record, the New York Mets are still a playoff contender at this point of the season. Thanks to the second wild card spot, the Mets only sit four games out of a playoff spot, meaning stringing a few wins together and playing consistently could catapult this team [...]

Can May struggles bring October successes?

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, two men on base, and trailing the Tampa Bay Rays, Francisco Alvarez reignited the hope for the so-far 2023 disappointing season for the New York Mets. Alvarez ripped a game-tying three-run shot to send the Mets to extra innings, and Pete Alonso finished the comeback off [...]

Don’t judge this Mets offense on batting average alone

Whether you are following social media accounts that cover the Mets, listening to New York sports radio, or just reading through online communities about the Mets, there is one consistent theme. The 2023 Mets were done before the season even started. Billy Eppler is an incompetent general manager. Eduardo Escobar is the worst third baseman [...]

Even with slow spring start, Pham will be a solid 4th outfielder

Now that it seems like the shock of losing Edwin Diaz for the 2023 season has settled, it is time to accept and move on. The fact is that despite losing Diaz, the Mets still have a roster strong enough to have excitement heading into the season. In spring training, the young talent consisting of [...]

Three spring training headlines from around MLB that could impact the Mets

Yes, that special time of year has arrived. Pitchers, catchers, and those participating in the World Baseball Classic have officially reported to training camp! Now is the point in time where for the next couple of days we’ll be inundated with video clips of veterans strolling into the facilities like an average person walking into [...]

Signing Chafin would push the Mets bullpen to the top

Following the insanity of the Carlos Correa saga in which he ended up back with the Minnesota Twins, it appears as if the Mets no longer have impact moves left on the table for this offseason. While many wanted the Mets to add an impact bat, their biggest moves were on the mound, adding Justin [...]

A few Mets improvements from 2021 to 2022

By now, it has been six days since the New York Mets were eliminated by the San Diego Padres. We’ve seen all of the headline bashing, social media fun-poking, and rage-fueled Facebook posting for a week, and we’ve made it through a whole work week of coworkers sneaking in every jab that they could produce [...]