Giants 8, Mets 7 (5/24/24)

One of the things about baseball is you just never know what you might see. In my summer collegiate league game tonight, our starting pitcher hit six batters and gave up a homer in the first two innings. Pretty sure I’ve never seen that before. And I get home to find that the Mets hit [...]

Kyle Harrison vs Christian Scott (5/24/24)

Metsense Yesterday at 7:36 pm 1-1 middle of 2nd ChrisF Yesterday at 7:40 pm Evening Mets fans Metsense Yesterday at 7:41 pm Evening Chris ChrisF Yesterday at 7:43 pm hope this evening finds you well Boo Yesterday at 7:43 pm I’m not feeling good about this game, Who could after the last 30 games Metsense [...]

Jeff McNeil’s not done and trade talk among fans should stop immediately

The most interesting players to me are the ones where reasonable people can look at and see things in a completely different way. At various part of their careers, ChrisF and I have been on opposite sides of things when discussing Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares, Brandon Nimmo, Alex Torres and Zack Wheeler, among others. And [...]