Charlie Morton vs Jose Quintana (5/10/24)

Metsense Yesterday at 7:33 pm Rain delay, it should rain until at least 11:00 p.m. enjoy the Knick game instead. Brian Yesterday at 7:51 pm Alleged 8:05 start time Metsense Yesterday at 8:14 pm 1-2-3 start for Quint Brian Yesterday at 8:15 pm 63-58 Indiana at the half Lindor likes those high pitches Quintana gave [...]

On Reed Garrett, Carlos Mendoza, a 6-man rotation and the Mets’ long-term outlook

Below is a transcript of an email conversation with Chris Flanders while we wait for the Mets to start a series against the Marlins, White Sox, Angels, Rockies – ok, fine, the 22-12 Braves. Brian: The Mets are 18-18 or about what we would have thought at the start of the season, when most people [...]