Francisco Lindor’s odd start to the season

Note: All stats in this article include games through the Mets’ April 24th, 2024 game against the Giants. It would be an understatement to call the start of the Mets’ 2024 season uneven and unexpected, and perhaps no other aspect of their overarching team performance illustrates that better than what’s been going on with their [...]

J.D. Martinez is a worthwhile boom or bust candidate

Yesterday the Athletic’s Jim Bowden published one of his trademark articles (subscription required) wherein he ranks a thing, and in this case that thing is the quality of all 30 MLB teams' opening day lineups. Somewhat surprisingly, the Mets are slotted in at 14th behind the likes of the Cubs, Reds, and Padres even with [...]

The 2024 Mets may be greater than the sum of their parts

  “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou’s famous quote was commentary on relationships rather than the state of an MLB franchise, of course, but it nonetheless seems fitting when assessing the Mets’ offseason. As Brian touched on earlier this month, they’ve done what they said they were [...]

Brett Baty has arrived, and the Mets should keep him here

There are three primary narratives playing out this season for the 2023 Mets, and all of them are having an impact on the team’s underwhelming performance in a season preceded by sky-high expectations: the state of an old starting rotation that is struggling both with performance and health, another year in which we’re discussing a [...]

Kodai Senga and shifting expectations

Expectations are an interesting aspect of human psychology. They can be sky high, subdued, or somewhere in between. They’re sometimes called “premeditated resentments” when there’s a high probability that they won’t be met, which leads to all kinds of disillusioned heartache and regret. At a very basic level, we’re content when they’re met and disappointed [...]

The Mets’ defense and changing the rules

To say that the Mets during the Sandy Alderson years undervalued defense would be putting it lightly. In fact, and usually to their detriment, there were times that the team deliberately sacrificed defense to get more pop in the lineup. Anyone remember Lucas Duda in left field? Actually, throwing players into the outfield to shoehorn [...]

Pete Alonso: A glove away from an MVP award?

The Mets’ extension with Jeff McNeil was a no-brainer, particularly with such seemingly team-friendly terms. As noted in Brian’s article detailing that news, the next logical question relates to the team doing the same with Pete Alonso. Despite the love for him in New York (and his record-setting arbitration award for a first baseman), Alonso [...]

Dominic Smith’s release is bittersweet

They say prospects will break your heart, and that sentiment is affirmed exponentially more often than not. Fans that closely follow their favorite team’s farm system exhibit a special kind of fandom that enjoys tracking the youngsters’ continued growth as they (hopefully) climb the ladder to the show. There’s just something special about watching the [...]