The Mets’ Citi Field offense was on display in all of its hideousness Tuesday in a doubleheader loss to the Dodgers. They couldn’t hold a 2-0 lead and lost in extra innings in the opener, 5-2, and they got shut out in the nightcap, 3-0. Over 19 innings of baseball in the two games, the Mets managed two runs on seven hits.

For the year, the Mets have scored 94 runs in 29 home games for a 3.24 rpg
In 25 road games, they’ve scored 130 runs for a 5.20 rpg

Francisco Lindor hit a two-run homer for the Mets’ only runs
Tylor Megill was magnificent with seven shutout innings in G1, with 9 Ks

If you submitted this storyline to Hollywood, it would get rejected for not being realistic. Yet it’s happening and it nearly defies description at this point. It feels like it would require a minor miracle to get back to .500 by the end of the year.

9 comments on “Dodgers sweep twinbill (5/28/24)

  • TexasGusCC

    The first loss is on the defense, specifically Lindor and Baty, and more Lindor. I know everyone makes mistakes but the lack of focus Lindor has shown in the early part of this season is starting to become worrisome. Baty, I can’t figure that kid out. Wouldn’t it have been great if Ottovino catches that popped up bunt?

    I wish Lou Pinella was around to throw some chairs or at least show that someone in that locker room actually has a pulse and isn’t just saying all the right things. But, I like Mendoza, this isn’t on him. He just needs much experience. During the first game, the tv guys said that the Mets had played 30 games out of their first 52 that had a two run or less difference. That’s alot. And those types of games are usually decided by fundamentals and execution…. So, there’s your answer to the Mets record.

  • T.J.

    Mets are pretty unwatchable at this point. I didn’t see or hear one pitch, and I don’t regret it. 7 hits in 2 games.

  • Woodrow

    It’s the hitting,boys,it’s the hitting.

    • Brian Joura

      If I had a dollar every time you said this, I could pay the hosting fees for the site for a year.

      It’s incredibly tiresome to read. Does it give you some secret joy to say it over and over and over again? Does the fact that Citi Field is depressing offense – as outlined with specific numbers in this piece – register with you at all?

      I really wish you would make comments that move the conversation forward. This obscenely repetitive mantra of yours fails in that regard, spectacularly.

      • Paulc

        Mets are 11-18 (.379) at home and 11-14 (.440) on the road. Seems opponents’ offense is far less depressed at Citi than the Mets. Mets ERA is 16th in MLB and OPS is 22nd (runs scored 20th). Maybe Citi depresses the overall OPS/runs, but Citi doesn’t seem to help the mediocre pitching. With the fifth-worst record in baseball and the worst record entering June in a generation, it’s both the offense and pitching. That said, I’m attending my first game at Citi of the year on Saturday.

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction : they have reached the third of season with 22 wins. Is this only a 66 win team? I hope not! Dropping the twinbill was disheartening to say the least.
    Megill pitched a gem but he still a back of the rotation starter. At 16 innings this season is a small sample. His career stats make him makes him a back end starter. Maybe he has turn the corner. We hope.
    Quintana pitched average but it was a term a quality start; 6 innings. 3 ER. What it did though was make him more appealing for the trade deadline. Unfortunately, has to remain in the rotation the next 54 games to have value. That is the state of Mets because of the previous 54 games.

  • Woodrow

    How many times have they scored 3 or fewer runs?
    How many times have they scored 1 run or been shut out?
    How many Mets have OPSs above 700?
    How many are batting 240 or lower?
    And ho may times have they failed to score a ghost runner in xtra innings?

    • Brian Joura

      If you want to write up an article that addresses all of those points with the context of what other teams in the league do in similar circumstances, I’ll be happy to post it. Otherwise, stop with the 1,000 variants of “it’s the offense,” without the slightest bit of context.

  • Mike W

    I think it is time to start the fire sale early. Maybe we get a little bit more for giving an extra 2 months to the acquiring team.

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