Brian Yesterday at 4:09 pm
Like a masochist, I’m back for more
Nice running catch by Taylor in LF
1-2-3 first for Peterson
Lindor hits one a step away from the wall
Alonso hit in the hand. Trainer out to check on him and his hand is just involuntarily shaking.
They’re taking him out.
And Gary just said Edwin Diaz went on the IL
And Peterson gives up a homer to start the 2nd
Metsense Yesterday at 4:28 pm
Peterson was rudely Greeted In the second
Brian Yesterday at 4:28 pm
“Prior to Wednesday afternoon’s series finale against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Mets officially placed Edwin Diaz on the 15-Day IL with a right shoulder impingement.”
Josh Walker takes his place
Metsense Yesterday at 4:30 pm
wow, That is bad news
Brian Yesterday at 4:30 pm
And Alonso left the game after getting hit on the hand
Metsense Yesterday at 4:30 pm
That’s not good too. He’s trade Bait
Vientos is on first
Brian Yesterday at 4:33 pm
He started the game at 3B and moved to 1B when Alonso left
Metsense Yesterday at 4:36 pm
Peterson regain his velocity
Brian Yesterday at 4:37 pm
ump bails him out
Metsense Yesterday at 4:37 pm
Why do you think Mania Manaea Will Exercise his option?
Brian Yesterday at 4:39 pm
I think he declines his option
Unless he gets hurt
Metsense Yesterday at 4:39 pm
That’s the way I feel. So He’s Trade bait also
Brian Yesterday at 4:40 pm
I think they should have discussions with him on an extension
Taylor didn’t eat his Wheaties
Metsense Yesterday at 4:41 pm
Why. If you can get a minor leaguer Prospect For him Then Trade him. Get a prospect and get the money for a #1Starter
Brian Yesterday at 4:42 pm
My opinion is that thee Mets aren’t going to spend for an SP1
Metsense Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Well that would be my plan
Also they are Stockpiling Prospects That can be traded For a #1 Starting pitcher That A Nonfinancial Team can’t afford.
To sign
Brian Yesterday at 4:47 pm
Senga, Megill, Scott, Peterson, Butto
Name Yesterday at 4:47 pm
yay we’re losing so we don’t have to watch them blow a lead
Brian Yesterday at 4:47 pm
Peterson’s looked good, at least
Metsense Yesterday at 4:48 pm
Tisdale also
Brian Yesterday at 4:48 pm
Diaz to the IL, Alonso left game after getting hit in the hand.
Name Yesterday at 4:48 pm
ah, an Eppler move – fake DL stint for Diaz
Brian Yesterday at 4:49 pm
Shoulder impingement, allegedly
Metsense Yesterday at 4:49 pm
cohen money and Abundant Of Prospects Makes it interesting For the off-season
And still have a budget
Brian Yesterday at 4:51 pm
Big Maple?
Name Yesterday at 4:51 pm
seems more appropriate for Votto
well, at least they won’t be no-hit
Metsense Yesterday at 4:53 pm
That is a victory
Brian Yesterday at 4:53 pm
Lindor just missed a homer leading off the game
Metsense Yesterday at 4:54 pm
Maybe they’ll score
Oh no it’s Citi field
Name Yesterday at 4:54 pm
Oh no it’s Citi field ha!
Brian Yesterday at 4:55 pm
I figured the issue was more that Baty was up
Name Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:55 pm
At least in London they’ll lose 2 home games
Let’s cash in
Brian Yesterday at 4:56 pm
a line drive from Baty – wow
Name Yesterday at 4:56 pm
At least in London they’ll lose 2 home games one is a home game for Philly
Metsense Yesterday at 4:56 pm
S. Hit
Brian Yesterday at 5:01 pm
Maybe we should just walk that guy
Name Yesterday at 5:02 pm
is Peterson revved up for 100 pitches?
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:03 pm
Maybe the the los angeles flakes would stop that idiotic chorus line step whenever any of them hit anything better than a bloop broken bat single
Brian Yesterday at 5:03 pm
89 pitches in his last rehab start
Name Yesterday at 5:03 pm
well i guess we need to see if he is pitching effectively to even get to near 100
Brian Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Geez, they keep coming up with worse and worse slides
Name Yesterday at 5:12 pm
maybe the offense can score against our former crap pitcher
Brian Yesterday at 5:12 pm
Let’s do some work against Yohan Ramirez
Let’s see a steal here, Marte
Metsense Yesterday at 5:21 pm
Lead off walk Is trouble
Sorry it was Otani
They looked the same
Name Yesterday at 5:28 pm
feels like a lost cause with the Dodgers scoring 3
Brian Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Just like the Mets and Dodgers offense
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:33 pm
Hi all. Seems I missed another L
Brian Yesterday at 5:33 pm
Hey Chris – you missed Alonso getting hit and leaving the game
Metsense Yesterday at 5:34 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:34 pm
Chris’ mWAR going up
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:35 pm
Oh wow, it’s only the 5th. The app note I got made me think the game was over@
i need that!! Its been rough for me this season!!
Brian Yesterday at 5:35 pm
Down 3 at home usually is over
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:36 pm
Nido is living large at the plate this seadson
I hope Petes finger isnt broken
Brian Yesterday at 5:37 pm
The homer makes Nido’s OPS this year .601
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:38 pm
he on fire!! LOL
Brian Yesterday at 5:39 pm
Threw out a runner, hit a homer – he’s definitely having a good game
JDM ties it up with an RBI double
Metsense Yesterday at 5:44 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:45 pm
looks safe to me
Brian Yesterday at 5:48 pm
They were talking about all the injuries to Dodgers relievers. It’s so bad they have 3 ex-Mets in their pen
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:48 pm
Mookie: Damn JD, the Mets? JD: yeah, well, it seemed like a good idea. Mookie: when you think you’ll be traded? Have you talked to Scherzer or Verlander? JD: no, but my bags are packed, I rent in NYC. Mookie: back to Dodger Blue? JD: (dreams about the possibilities)
Brian Yesterday at 5:49 pm
First thing I thought was Mookie Wilson. Next was Mookie from “Do The Right Things.” Finally got Mookie Betts
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:50 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:52 pm
C’mon Taylor – you’re due
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:52 pm
gotta admit, that CF scoreboard is pretty impressive
Brian Yesterday at 5:53 pm
It’s freakin’ giant
Metsense Yesterday at 5:53 pm
It wouldn’t fit in my living room That’s for sure
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:53 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 5:54 pm
Maybe Cohen’s house!
Brian Yesterday at 5:54 pm
I like Taylor but he’s really struggling now
Metsense Yesterday at 5:55 pm
I like him too. And they control him for a few years too
86 P Is that a day’s work ?
Brian Yesterday at 5:57 pm
5 IP, 3 runs in his first start – you want to see more?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:57 pm
Yes Because of the bullpen
1 more inning would be Less for the bullpen
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:02 pm
sure would be nice if baty could hit worth a lick
Metsense Yesterday at 6:03 pm
Dinner time I’ll be back
Brian Yesterday at 6:03 pm
Nice rundown execution
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:03 pm
you get a prize and you do and you do and you do – SRF
Brian Yesterday at 6:04 pm
It wouldn’t surprise me if Baty became a serviceable hitter in 2025
There you go McNeil, nice to see you pull the ball
McNeil tags up on that Bader fly out
Scared of Nido now
Infield pop for Lindor – you never see that
Baty reminds us it’s not 2025
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:19 pm
I guess players should just be taught to forget the check swing
Brian Yesterday at 6:21 pm
It’s so weird. Over 50% of check swings are called strikes in the majors. And in my summer collegiate league over 90% are called balls.
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:23 pm
I like the “break wrist” rule.
That last K to me was really a check swing
do you know if there is a max bat length?
Brian Yesterday at 6:27 pm
“MLB ruling for a legal wood bat1.10
The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more than 42 inches in length. The bat shall be one piece of solid wood.”
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:27 pm
man, Diekman ate Ohtani up.
Thanks B
Brian Yesterday at 6:27 pm
Diekman does well at home.
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:28 pm
ohtani seems like he’s quite out from the box line in order to catch up with the inside pitch, but his bat looked long to me…to capture outside?
crazy Diekman beat him in but he didn’t look the least bit jammed
Blake Trienen, really?
Brian Yesterday at 6:33 pm
He’s good when he’s healthy
Had him on my fantasy team for years
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:34 pm
wasnt he on the Nats 20 years ago?
Brian Yesterday at 6:34 pm
Let’s steal this time, Marte
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:34 pm
2 out steal?
Brian Yesterday at 6:35 pm
Yep, 7 years ago
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:35 pm
ok, just making sure i know what Im thinking about
Brian Yesterday at 6:40 pm
GD – walk that guy already
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:41 pm
But yet another late inning surrender.
Brian Yesterday at 6:45 pm
Guess we know why he’s usually so cautious around the wall
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:45 pm
you could rip a finger out on that chain link. Bad bad use there
trouble in the hen house
stgupid to play in there.
That’s the game folks
another disaster in short right field
Brian Yesterday at 6:58 pm
I step away and come back to pretty much what I expected
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:59 pm
played in on a perfect dp ball but
Brian Yesterday at 6:59 pm
White flag from me
Metsense Yesterday at 7:00 pm
6Runs This inning! Pull up the moving vans!
Ottavino Like 1929
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:02 pm
well thius game was winnable 15 Mon ago
Metsense Yesterday at 7:04 pm
Maybe 15 years ago
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:05 pm
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:05 pm
Ottavino needs therapy
Metsense Yesterday at 7:06 pm
Actually 9 years ago
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:06 pm
what happened to Diaz?
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:06 pm
Have I mentioned how sick I am with the dudgers and their stupid g….
gosh darn goosestep high kick chorus line number?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:07 pm
Smith has hit the ball at east 1000 feet today
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:07 pm
Mets must be really really bad
Metsense Yesterday at 7:08 pm
You think?
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:08 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:08 pm
pretty close
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:08 pm
Because the Los Angeles childish goosesteppers are not nearly as good as their own hype
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:09 pm
really more like 1100 feet
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:09 pm
And they make the mets look like a class D minor league team
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:11 pm
at best
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:11 pm
As a team, mets pitchers walk 4.1 per 9
hard to believe their FIP is 3.92 and ERA 4.03
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:13 pm
Nido! A single off the wall!!
2 feet from a HR and he gets. Asingle
Metsense Yesterday at 7:14 pm
He would have been out at second
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:15 pm
Mets are 1st in the NL in HBP
and last in 3B? They only have one triple this year? How tf is that possible?
Their pitchers have issued most walk, well duh
But third fewest hits
Metsense Yesterday at 7:19 pm
Alonso cost him with HBP They are 1st in it!
Double digits
José Hunter Yesterday at 7:21 pm
Doesn’t Nido have a AAA batting title?
Metsense Yesterday at 7:21 pm
And he was in all star game in the minors also
Metsense Yesterday at 7:33 pm
Thanks for the Chatter, good night