Jose Quintana vs Keaton Winn (4/22/24)

Brian Yesterday at 9:31 pm Knicks up by 5 after third quarter Name Yesterday at 9:47 pm is it just my stream or is it misty? Marte with a terrible decision to continue to 2nd Brian Yesterday at 9:53 pm 94-94 with 3:49 left Looks like SF on my stream SF fog ChrisF Yesterday at [...]

Comparing the offensive merits of Tyrone Taylor and D.J. Stewart

In yesterday’s Game Chatter we talked some about the relative merits of DJ Stewart and Tyrone Taylor. Clearly, Taylor is the better defensive player. But the question is if Stewart’s big advantage on offense makes up for his deficit in defense. If this was a Presidential debate, people would accuse me of being a flip-flopper [...]

Adam Ottavino off to a strong start in his third year with the Mets

The Mets’ bullpen has been a very pleasant surprise so far here in 2024, with several members displaying excellent numbers. Because good results abound, it’s somewhat easy for an individual player to get lost. And in the Mets’ case that certainly applies to Adam Ottavino. There’s no immediate story for Ottavino like there is for [...]