Jared Jones vs Jose Quintana (4/16/24)

Brian Yesterday at 7:55 pm Tuesday night versus the Pirates Weird play, 2 outs runners on the corners runner on first takes off, batter hits ball to SS Lindor tries to get force at 2B but runner beats the throw But runner comes off the bag. McNeil doesn't tag the runner but throws to first [...]

Mets hold their own while playing a challenging schedule

In all professional sports leagues, the conventional wisdom is to play .500 versus the good teams and then clean up against the bad teams. But does it work? Here are the MLB teams that essentially played .500 versus teams who were .500 and above last year and how they fared overall: Teamvs. .500+PCTOverallPlayoffs Rays48-44.52299-63Yes Phillies47-43.52290-72Yes [...]