Gold Gloves, perhaps?

The Mets have managed to sink to the bottom of the National League East. There are still positive aspects to the season and certainly skills to build on for 2024. While the hitting is always under the microscope, having a defender give away runs in the field definitely has to be prevented.  It is a [...]

Ya gotta believe?

The Mets have made it to the 99-game mark. Sitting at 46-53, what can the Mets expect to achieve the rest of the season? The first information to review is what the prognosticators assessed the Mets true talent level before the season. Most already included Edwin Diaz’ injury, so that issue was included in the [...]

The Mets need to be proactive in plugging their holes

The New York Mets have spent lots of money in the recent past.  Steven Cohen is a new kind of owner. He understands flags fly forever, and he’s a fan. He also knows any title will result in immediate increased team valuation.  These are important considerations when assessing next steps for a team with a [...]

Following the Mets’ indicators after a month of action

After a month of baseball, many aspects of the games are taking shape. There have been lots of rule changes the last couple of years many fans like and many fans dislike.  How these rule changes affect the Mets also varies. As Steven Shrager wrote last week, the Mets DH is a work in progress. [...]

Mets Hall of Fame adds Howard Johnson and Al Leiter

The New York Mets have their own Hall of Fame with plaques and stories in Citi Field. Mind you, these are not retired numbers; they are Mets Hall of Fame members. When Nelson Doubleday purchased the Mets (including the Wilpons), they created the Mets HOF. And of course, Joan Payson was the first inductee. The [...]

Will the Mets sign Clayton Kershaw?

The 2022 New York Mets were quite good. Historically, the Mets teams have been completely dominant pitching-wise, and hit-or-miss offensively. In 2022, the Mets offense was pretty good. This is critical for 2023, and free agency or call-ups trying to fill roles of players no longer with the team. The Mets entire starting offensive roster, [...]

Did the Mets throw it away?

One of the biggest issues with the New York Mets in many seasons in recent history was their willingness to over-trade offense for defense.  This was always evident in the outfield and definitely a known issue with third base, in the years between Felix Mantilla and Robin Ventura. There is no need to have everyone [...]