An interview (with links!) with John from Albany

Next up in our interview series is friend of the site, John from Albany.  I first became aware of John around four years or so ago, when he was writing for Mack's Mets.  John brought something completely different to Mack's site.  Sure, he wrote about prospects like everyone else there does.  But he also contributed [...]

Interview with former Mets prospect Jeff Grose: Part 2

INTERVIEW WITH JEFF GROSE: PART 2 Last week in this space we featured part 1 of our discussion with Jeff Grose. We heard about his early days with the Mets, Spring Training memories, and the onset of arm troubles. We wrap up today with his recollections of some of his teammates, the emotional end of [...]

Interview with former Mets prospect Jeff Grose: Part 1

INTERVIEW WITH JEFF GROSE: PART 1 Back in November of 2014, Card of the Week's Mystery Met episode 9 featured a fresh-faced '70s prospect named Jeff Grose. The internet being the strange and magical thing that it is, the piece made its way back to Grose, who left a quick note in the comments section. [...]

An exclusive interview with Mr. Baseballs: Zack Hample

If there was a contest on who could catch the most fly balls in the stands of a baseball game, Zack Hample would far and away be the winner.  Hample has caught a countless number of historical home runs, including Mike Trout’s first, Shea Stadium’s last, and Alex Rodriguez’s 3000th hit.  This past weekend, I [...]