Name Yesterday at 4:06 pm
the city connects look ok to look at but man when they are on the players it’s UGLY
Brian Yesterday at 4:08 pm
Ugly jerseys and Smoltz – what a combo
Metsense Yesterday at 4:11 pm
Houser is ugly
Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Only on days that end in a “y”
Metsense Yesterday at 4:13 pm
A nice play Baty
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:13 pm
Afternoon Mets fans
my mWAR def dropping like a rock
trying to figure whats a bigger sham, the uniforms or Houser
oh, it Houser
Name Yesterday at 4:15 pm
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:16 pm
Plenty hilarious how these announcers are drooling over arenado after that weak hit
Metsense Yesterday at 4:16 pm
We’ve seen this movie too
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:16 pm
only problem is that houser is the guy you call in for mopping up. So hes in for the long haul either as starter or mop up long relief
Brian Yesterday at 4:18 pm
O/U at 3 IP
Metsense Yesterday at 4:18 pm
Nunez up, Smith IL
Name Yesterday at 4:19 pm
who is Nunez?
Brian Yesterday at 4:19 pm
What’s up with Smith?
Dedniel – he was up earlier
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:19 pm
apple followed by fox? Good grief, why is this team being punished
Metsense Yesterday at 4:19 pm
Smith has shoulder inflammation but the MRI was negative
Marte has bereavement leave and Vientos is called up
His era is 8.85 after that inning
Brian Yesterday at 4:23 pm
apple followed by fox? Good grief, why is this team being punished And soon it will be an overseas trip
Wonder if they call up Vientos for just a couple of days or if he’s here longer.
Metsense Yesterday at 4:24 pm
That is the question inquiring minds want to know
Name Yesterday at 4:26 pm
please no, they need to sell him to Japan asap
Metsense Yesterday at 4:27 pm
Next time get a step ladder
Brian Yesterday at 4:28 pm
Or a helicopter
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:28 pm
The extra bright strike zine box is just so bad
JD Mart going like, well, its money if nothing else
and now he’s infected
Brian Yesterday at 4:32 pm
I’d take the strike zone box if Smoltz leaves
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:35 pm
i have it on mute so poof hes gone!
Brian Yesterday at 4:36 pm
I’m also keeping tabs on NFL draft so I need volume
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:38 pm
cmon boys lets see a crooked number this frame
Name Yesterday at 4:40 pm
why is no broadcaster willing to say these jerseys suck?
Metsense Yesterday at 4:41 pm
DJ starts these onslaught
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:42 pm
Ground out, pop out all day long – strike out too, just feels so wring
feels and looks all too familiar
Brian Yesterday at 4:45 pm
If only we weren’t facing Gray, a guy with a 0.93 ERA, and we’re facing a guy like Houser, with an 8.44 ERA
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:46 pm
If only
Name are you at the game?
has anyone even seen Gibbons as bench coach?
Name Yesterday at 4:48 pm
no, i’m not at the game
wow didn’t realize Arenado was so slow
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:55 pm
bb players are dum
Brian Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Houser had a chance to gain on Butto but instead he’s lengthening the deficit
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Hitting him like a minada
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Why did Arenado limp around 3rd base risking an injury when they’re up 4 zip?
Brian Yesterday at 4:56 pm
Jose Pineda?
Even the outs are hard
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:56 pm
i think hes getting old. But maybe it was an injury of some sort
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:57 pm
Did one of the chuckleheads say that the Mets are wearing purple because of IRT #7?
That’s stupid
I’m offended by the dark grey and purple
Orange and blue is in their DNA
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:57 pm
have you read the city connect story?
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:58 pm
How they’re the love child of NY Giants and Bklyn Dodgers
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:58 pm
Francisco Lindor Breaks Down the Mets’ City Connect Jersey…

The Mets’ shortstop was involved in the design process for…
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:58 pm
I think so. Don’t quite remember it
I was working on my humorous remarks
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:59 pm
In fact the first Mets logo was submitted as bing and black
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:59 pm
Like dods spoting “ellies” and “dodgettes”
Brian Yesterday at 5:00 pm
Do they DFA Narvaez when Alvarez comes back? Nido stinks but at least he can throw out a baserunner every now and then.
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:00 pm
set him free
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:01 pm
having trouble seeing how could you stick “g” for “k” and “b” for “p”
They’re nowhere near each other on the keyboard
Metsense Yesterday at 5:01 pm
The money is spent so I would pick Nido
Name Yesterday at 5:01 pm
can Nido still be outrighted this year?
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:01 pm
How about the Braves sporting MyLanta across their jerseys?
Name Yesterday at 5:02 pm
or does he have enough service time to elect FA and keep his money?
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:02 pm
Gray throws 7 pitches in the 2nd and 9 in the 3r
Metsense Yesterday at 5:02 pm
He is on the cusp of 5 years. It’ll be a few days more and then he has it
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:02 pm
Don’t the Mets understand the basics?
Hey, is that really Name
I have to tell you that I’m possibly you biggest fan
Your intelligence matched to your wicked tongue is epic
Brian Yesterday at 5:03 pm
Damn, Jose – he had a big enough head as it is
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:04 pm
I don’t know about his head. But I notice I said I was his biggest fan, but not that he’s my biggest hero
Because everybody knows that Brain’s my biggest hero
My brain
OK, I meant to write “brian”
Name Yesterday at 5:05 pm
didn’t know i still had admirers!
Houser has hit the over with 10 outs
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Still? Do you have any other fans?
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:06 pm
Equalizer 1, 2, or 3? Which is your favorite???
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:08 pm
Just turned on the game. Houser trying to play himself off the roster.
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:08 pm
tryin real hard
Metsense Yesterday at 5:09 pm
He is not impressive that’s for sure
4 innings
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:12 pm
Looks like never letting Seth Lugo start was a big mistake. He practically begged to be a starter. 4-1 1.66 ERA and averaging slightly more than 6 innings a start.
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:13 pm
in a bad way
Metsense Yesterday at 5:13 pm
I think it was a change of scenery.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:13 pm
is there anything on the stupid uniforms that has the word Mets on it?
Oh a shoulder patch ‍♂️‍♂️
Name Yesterday at 5:14 pm
the last time the Mets let Lugo start he had a 6+ ERA
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:15 pm
Got to check out the yellow pajamas the red
Sox are wearing today
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:16 pm
it must be city connect day
Name Yesterday at 5:16 pm
Lugo’s gotten to face the White Sox and Houston in 3 of his 6 starts
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:16 pm
well, thats part of it then!
mcneil groundout or pop out?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:18 pm
I think a double
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:19 pm
oh yes, strike out ra ra ra!
Metsense Yesterday at 5:20 pm
Well we’re both wrong
Brian Yesterday at 5:21 pm
Mets can’t hit and Vikings draft a kicker – not an ideal combo
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:21 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:24 pm
Lindor kind of non-chalanted that throw
Should have planted and fired
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:25 pm
Funny how the Astros are 7-19 but all the commentators believe they will be in the thick of it at the end.
is there no one on the whitesox
Or marlins we can snag now
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:26 pm
It’s about time, Mendota!
Brian Yesterday at 5:26 pm
They forget Baker isn’t managing them anymore
There’s no one on the White Sox
Name Yesterday at 5:27 pm
There’s no one on the White Sox Phamtastic is on the Sox!
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:28 pm
i dont think he would come back after how he was treated
Brian Yesterday at 5:28 pm
It was so awful that they traded him to a contender
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:28 pm
it was how he was treated while playing
Brian Yesterday at 5:29 pm
Besides, we have trouble finding PT for Taylor – how would they find it for Pham?
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:29 pm
Seriously, the Mets new unis have purple for IRT #7?
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:29 pm
he gave a long interview to Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman. It was not good
Brian Yesterday at 5:29 pm
I must have missed that. I know he whined about how no one worked as hard as he did. Did they taunt him, too?
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:30 pm
no it was a lot about game prep and meetings and such.
He was very bitter about how non starters were treated daily
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:30 pm
Sure, man! and Hey, Man!
Don’t know who they are
Brian Yesterday at 5:31 pm
Good riddance then
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:31 pm
Hard to believe no one signed Pham earlier. He had a good season 2023
Brian Yesterday at 5:31 pm
Seems like a malcontent
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:31 pm
it was shitty.
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:32 pm
Brian, I finally figured out what I will contribute to wild wednesday with your approval
I wanted to tell a humorous story about the team I was on when age 14
Metsense Yesterday at 5:32 pm
He burns his Bridges
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:33 pm
the interview is worth a listen
‎The Show: A NY Post baseball podcast with Joel She…

On a new episode of “The Show” podcast with Joel Sherman a…
Metsense Yesterday at 5:35 pm
The Mets are not competitive this afternoon
I thought they would respond better
Name Yesterday at 5:36 pm
ugh, FOX again next Saturday?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:36 pm
Are you kidding?
Name Yesterday at 5:37 pm
maybe an E will rattle Gray and get the Mets going
i just noticed the Shea bridge on the helmets, that’s kinda cool
Brian Yesterday at 5:39 pm
Queensboro Bridge
Name Yesterday at 5:40 pm
well, the E lead to a walk, that’s encouraging
Brian Yesterday at 5:40 pm
Excuse me – The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
Name Yesterday at 5:41 pm
well, the runners advanced
productive out!
cha ching!
Brian Yesterday at 5:42 pm
best we could hope for
no shutout today
Metsense Yesterday at 5:43 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:44 pm
Oh dear
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:45 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:45 pm
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:45 pm
Mr. and Mrs. Gray actually named their son Sonny Douglas?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:45 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:46 pm
that E is just what the Mets needed!
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:46 pm
OK, apparently you guys saw the homer about 10 seconds before I did
Brian Yesterday at 5:46 pm
Wow, I’m in last place
Metsense Yesterday at 5:46 pm
Now we have a game
All I had to do was b****
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:48 pm
Just think, if the mets hadn’t put a corpse on the mound this afternoon, they’d actually have a chance to win
Name Yesterday at 5:48 pm
and all i had to do was be positive!
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:49 pm
Love that cynicism, Name
Where do any of yous people live? Don’t answer if you don’t want to alert any stalkers
I live in downtown Manhattan east side, 12th street
What they used to call Lower East Side
Now they call East Village
Name Yesterday at 5:51 pm
Central Jersey
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:51 pm
Ha. I was born in Newark
ChrisF Yesterday at 5:51 pm
I thought you were in Corvallis?
Metsense Yesterday at 5:51 pm
The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:52 pm
No, actually I live in Portland
My younger daughter graduate from Corvallis
Blue Ridge! Awesome
Mets better sign Alonso
He’s the purest HR hitter that came up through their system. He’s the Mets identity
These announcer-dummies agree with me. The called Alonso “the face of the Mets”
Sorry, Chris. I said above I live in NYC
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:55 pm
I meant live
Brian Yesterday at 5:55 pm
Might cause you to re-evaluate your position
José Hunter Yesterday at 5:55 pm
I left NYC in 1988
I meant lived
After I left NYC, I went to CA. Lived in Arcata, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Marina, Los Angeles
Then went to OK for grad school, Norman, then to a community college In Dallas TX – lived in Irving. Finally moved to PDX in 2002 and been here since
Brian Yesterday at 5:59 pm
Nunez finishes the inning off
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:00 pm
But… I’m a New Yorker, dammit. Everybody can identify my accent after all these years. Wife was born in The Bronx, grew up in Jamaica Queens
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:00 pm
Need to go right at them again starting with Stewart
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:01 pm
Both daughters are Okies, born in Midwest City, have mild NYC accents.
BTW there’s no such thing as an Oregon accent. And, as of right now, I’ve lived in OR longer than in any other state
Sorry if I’m boring you guys
But there’s a town near here called Boring, Oregon. I’m serious. It’s where the North American Bigfoot Center/Museum is located
Brian Yesterday at 6:04 pm
Nice, Stewart
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:04 pm
My name is Rick, Brian, not Stewart
And the reason why I’m tolerable and not totally annoying is because I don’t take myself seriously
Brian Yesterday at 6:06 pm
I was referencing DJ’s walk
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:06 pm
I know. I’m tolerable, not totally annoying
Brian Yesterday at 6:07 pm
We all strive for tolerable
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:07 pm
Jeez, if only Houser hadn’t been tossing meatballs in the 1st inning
Wow, is it so cold in NYC? Arenado and his balacalaval
Brian Yesterday at 6:08 pm
Arenado played in Colorado – can’t believe he needs to be dressed for the arctic
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:09 pm
Tomorrow is my birthday!
Brian Yesterday at 6:09 pm
May the Mets swing at strikes for your birthday
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:10 pm
Cool. In case anyone is wondering, I’m younger than Strawberry but older than Gooden
Ya know who else, famous, was born on april 28th?
James Monroe (5th president)
Jay Leno
Saddam Hussein
What kind of name is Nootbaar? Dutch, I’ll warrant
Brian Yesterday at 6:14 pm
How presidential
All I know is that Nootbaar played for Japan in the WBC
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:14 pm
Nice, Brian. Your diplomacy is impressiv
Apparently Nootbaar’s dad is American with European ancestry, and his mom is japanese
Arenado won’t be able to tell he’s bleeding by wipe his nose on his red jersey sleeve
Name Yesterday at 6:16 pm
a name perfect for the candy business
Brian Yesterday at 6:17 pm
Lars sounds like a good name for a rat dog
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:17 pm
I like it, nombre
rat dog? like chihuahua?
Brian Yesterday at 6:18 pm
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:19 pm
I like how Nunez has an accent on u and tilde on n
Who’s that card wearing those ridiculous b\glasses on his cap?
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:20 pm
The overrun catcher pop up
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:21 pm
Brian Yesterday at 6:21 pm
The overrun catcher pop up yep. And Narvaez blows
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:21 pm
aint that the truth
total DFA caliber bad
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:22 pm
Is Smoltz intelligent? Can’t tell who’s who from their voices
Did I see a white train moving in the background?
Brian Yesterday at 6:22 pm
Smoltz is a smart guy. But he’s a “get off my lawn” type and is a Braves homer
José Hunter Yesterday at 6:23 pm
You mean a hostile cranky grandpa?
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:28 pm
Pop up!!!! Shocker
Brian Yesterday at 6:33 pm
At least he hit it, unlike the next two guys
Name Yesterday at 6:36 pm
the Cards have some guys that don’t like the cold
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:40 pm
And yet can still hammer out 7 runs
well at least weve cured the Cardinals
Name Yesterday at 6:43 pm
it’s been a while since the Mets made a withdrawal in the money inning
another E to spark us?
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:46 pm
what a joke
hes gonna be out
Name Yesterday at 6:48 pm
Name Yesterday at 6:57 pm
he’s doing it in junk time but Reid-Foley 5 K’s in 11 PA
Brian Yesterday at 6:58 pm
He needs to pitch good enough that they don’t move Houser to the bullpen when Megill comes back.
Name Yesterday at 6:59 pm
Since you suggested Reed go be a starter, i’ll do the same for Sean
Brian Yesterday at 7:01 pm
He has 13 starts in the majors
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:01 pm
Let’s face it, McNeil caught lightning in a bottle. But in reality, hes not that good
its a 9th inning monk rally
Name Yesterday at 7:05 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:05 pm
with Nido holding the cards
Name Yesterday at 7:05 pm
who is left on the bench?
miracle time?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:10 pm
superman didnt come
Brian Yesterday at 7:11 pm
Maybe tomorrow we can score first