One of the early iconic moments in Mets history is the “Black Cat Game” which occurred on September 9, 1969.  The Cubs came to New York for a two-game series holding a 2 ½ game lead over the Mets.  The Mets won the first game to cut the lead to 1 ½ games.  Game two pitted the aces of the two teams against each other:  Ferguson Jenkins vs. Tom Seaver.  The Mets took a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first.  The score stayed that way until the top of the fourth inning.  Glenn Beckert was on second base with a double and Billy Williams was at the plate.  At that point, a black cat emerged from underneath the stands behind home plate and made a circle around the Cubs’ on-deck batter, Ron Santo.  The cat stopped, looked at Cubs manager Leo Durocher, and then disappeared again below the stands.  The Cubs did score a run when Santo singled in Beckert but the Mets went on to win the game. Here’s the full band version of the song:

The Lyrics:

September 9th, 1969.
Black Cat takes a walk along the third base line.
September 9th, 1969.

Hey Mr. Black Cat with your New York shoes
Them players you’re spookin’ got them Chicago blues.
Hey Mr. Black Cat which side you gonna choose?
All them out-of-towners got them North Side blues.

You got your clubs in your back pocket
Got some diamonds in your hands.
Run your little circle
Then disappear beneath the stands.
Hey Mr. Black Cat.  Hey man, I’m telling you.
All them out-of-towners got them North Side blues.

On-Deck circle
Ron Santo got his bat.
He don’t want to see
No more Mr. New York cat.
Hey Mr. Santo
Do you hear that hometown noise?
Time to turn it over
To them New York boys.

Here’s the solo version:

2 comments on “Mets Song of the Month: ‘September 9th, 1969’

  • Brian Joura

    I’m not a fan of the demonization of black cats but this story always had a certain magic to it. Good choice for a Song of the Month!

  • Chris F


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