Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed that Steve Cohen gets the requisite number of votes at the forthcoming owner’s meeting. Assuming he does, what might the deeper pockets of the new ownership mean for the 2021 opening day roster?

Overall strategy: This version of the roster was designed to retain most of what the team had in place during the shortened 2020 season. The argument being those players that didn’t get off to a solid start never really had ample time to correct the issues. The season was too much of a sprint and not a distance run.

However, some notable removals from the team are: Yoenis Cespedes, Todd Frazier, Wilson Ramos, Robinson Chirinos, Steven Matz, and Robert Gsellman.

Specific Moves/Comments: There was not further contact between the team and Cespedes; his run was done. There was no effort to bring back Todd Frazier as a player, however, actions regarding him returning as the third base coach were taken. The catching tandem of Wilson Ramos and Robinson Chirinos were let go in favor of one of the two big acquisitions. Steven Matz was dealt to the Washington Nationals for a righthand-hitting outfielder, Michael Taylor. Robert Gsellman was similarly dealt to the Detroit Tigers for a second righthand-hitting outfielder, Victor Reyes.

The team devoted a lot of energy into the pursuit of J. T. Realmulto signing him to a long-term (six-year deal) at $30,000,000/per year. This made Realmulto the second highest paid player on the team behind Jacob deGrom. The Mets also let bygones be bygones and brought back Marcus Stroman on a long-term (five-year deal) at $ 18,000,000 per year. The Mets also resigned Rick Porcello to a one-year deal at $10,000,000.

Important Notes: Because of the expected recovery time of Noah Syndegaard, the Mets started the year with him on the reserve list. This allowed Seth Lugo to begin the season as a starter with Corey Oswalt getting a spot on the roster out of the bullpen. Role adjustments could be made depending on how the season develops.

The team attempted to even out their line-up by the acquisition of two right-handed outfielders.

The team’s overall perspective was that the installing of the best catcher in the game would help not only pay dividends offensively but in the overall performances of their pitching staff as well.

This strategy left room for the team to handle player salary increases as well as to begin negotiations on a long-term deal with Michael Conforto.

Starting Pitching:      
Jacob deGrom 33,500,000.00    
Noah Syndegaard – injured* 9,700,000.00    
Seth Lugo 2,000,000.00    
Marcus Stroman 18,000,000.00    
Rick Porcello 10,000,000.00    
David Peterson 563,500.00    
Relief Pitching:      
Jeurys Familia 11,000,000.00    
Chasen Shreve 575,000.00    
Justin Wilson 5,000,000.00    
Dellin Betances 6,000,000.00    
Ediwn Diaz 5,100,000.00    
Corey Oswalt 580,000.00    
Brad Brach 1,250,000.00    
Miguel Castro 1,050,000.00    
J. T. Realmulto 30,000,000.00    
Tomas Nido 576,826.00    
Robinson Cano (2b) 24,000,000.00    
Peter Alonso (DH/1b) 652,521.00    
Dominic Smith (LF/1b) 578,826.00    
Andres Gimenez (ss/2b/3b) 563,500.00    
Armed Rosario (ss/OF) 608,780.00    
J. D. Davis (3b/OF) 592,463.00    
Jeff McNeil (2b/3b/OF) 616,676.00    
Michael Conforto 8,000,000.00    
Brandon Nimmo 2,175,000.00    
Victor Reyes 580,000.00    
Michael Taylor 3,325,000.00    

23 comments on “What the Mets’ Opening Day roster could look like in 2021

  • LouA

    Oh oh…..Watch Matz blossom in DC.

  • Brian Joura

    Matz for Taylor is a pretty solid proposed trade.

    It would be the ultimate “change of scenery” deal. If Taylor went to the Braves, he’d put up an All-Star season. If he went to the Mets, it would be just more of the same, I fear. However, he’s likely to get less in arbitration than Matz, fills a need rather reliably and it offers the chance to get something rather than just non-tendering Matz.

    I dig it.

  • Edwin e Pena

    Not bad, but no way bring back Porcello. He is awful, there has to be better options at $10M !
    Ok with Stroman coming back, dumping Matz. Michael Taylor is not a bad player, just cannot get time in Washington. JT Realmuto is a must, changes the team by improving lineup and pitching staff. If Familia can be traded and dump his $11M salary, that would be houdini -ish. Add another good starter vs Porcello and this new roster for 2021 is good with me !

  • Rich

    Id go Bauer who only wants a 1 year deal. I also understand JT but that deal is risky. I am for a top defensive catcher and the pitching.

    While I agree that we have to respect the player´s decision on Covid, I dont like how Stroman did it and dont think you can bring him back. He has played the tough guy his whole career and when things got tough… he quit. He had the right to do it I get it. You also dont have to chase the guy who stole the lady´s purse, but you do it because its the right thing to do.

  • Ike

    Are you really saying to give JT Realmuto $30 million? He made 5.9 million this year why would we pay him anything close to that if we doubled his salary and gave it five years that should be more than enough to get it done

  • george sohl

    as i said yesterday , realmuto is not needed, the mets are at least 2 to 3years away. use the moneyto give to conforto and t. bauer. thank u george s.

    • Bob P

      I agree that I wouldn’t give that type of contract to Realmuto but I don’t agree that the Mets are 2-3 years away. They are 2-3 solid pitchers away. I’d like to see them get Bauer and Stroman, or maybe someone of that level through a trade if it works. I think tying up that much money for a catcher moving into his 30s would be a mistake. I’d put the money into the rotation, look to get a defensive minded catcher that won’t cost what Realmuto would cost and try to add a couple of bullpen pieces.

      Their core offensive players are mostly relatively young or in their prime. They may not be better in 3 years than they are now.

  • Metsense

    The Mets have to improve their starting pitching and their defense to compete for a divisional title.
    They need another starting besides your suggestion of Stroman because Peterson is a rookie, Lugo was inconsistent and Syndergaard won’t be ready at the beginning of the season. Walker or Bauer would be a solution. Oswalt and Porcello failed and shouldn’t be relied on as a rotation piece.
    The defense was address with Realmuto but Davis 3B (-8 DRS) and Nimmo CF (-5 DRS) was ignored.
    George Springer ( 6 DRS) CF and Nimmo (+2 DRS) LF and McNeil (0 DRS) would be a solution.
    The solutions addressed in the article are not enough to compete with the Braves.

  • TJ

    I’d like to propose that any hypothetical trades of Met players can only occur to teams in the American League West, preferably in the West Coast time zone. I’m not sure how much more my health and well being can take watching ex-Mets turn around their careers and pummel the Mets on division rivals.

  • Rick

    Who cares. He sucks here!

  • Rick

    This sounds good and all but let us not forget that the plan is that Cohen is bringing back Sandy Dullderson. He is a class act guy and I’m happy he’s recovered from cancer, first and foremost but he was the king of dumpster diving and 99% of the time he came up way short. He too was responsible for investing into players way past their prime and not spending at all for quality players while the other teams within our division snatched them up for a few $$$ and stuck it to the Mess. I think I’m going to curb my expectations if he has anything to say about who comes here and how much.

    • Chris F

      I hear ya Rick. He was the architect of miserable teams. I cheered when he left. He drafted well, thanks to Tanous and crew, but his personnel evaluations were terrible and saddled the team with lousy trades. For me personally, his brand of baseball – Ks, BBs, HRs – is so wildly misguided that it makes for the entire imbalance of the team we have.

      • Metsense

        Alderson was too conservative but Beltran for Wheeler and Dickey for TDA and Syndergaard did reap rewards and replenished the farm system. BVW did the opposite and he traded many minor league pitchers in the last two years. Alderson was better than BVW. Alderson needs to hire a dynamic GM.

    • José

      Sandy Dullderson?

      Not the best way to get others to consider your argument

  • Mike W

    Here are some bold moves to win now.

    Nimmo, JD Davis, Matz and Mauricio to KC for Merrifield and Salvador Perez.

    Dom Smith and prospects to Tampa for Ryan Yarbrough and Diego Castillo.

    Sign DJ LeMahieu to play third base. McNeill plays second base and some left field. Sign a veteran left fielder.

    Big signing Bauer.

    So here is what we have.

    Left Fielder

    One more

    Plus you added Castillo.

    That’s a winner.

  • Eric H Kench

    No way would I bring Stroman and Porcello back. Porcello stinks and Stroman ran out on the team when they needed him most. He looks like another Oliver Perez to me. And I don’t think Realmuto is gonna get $30 million per from anybody. He was making $10 million on a one year deal with the Phillies. How much of a pay raise can he get? He’s not even a .300 hitter. No I see Realmuto being signed at the most $15-20 million per year and Springer getting a long term deal at $20 millin per. I would love to see Bauer in a Met suniform. Also, I would dump Rosario for a pitcher.

  • José

    Having given this here thing some thought, I now conclude that the Mets’ year was 2019. It was the team’s second best W/L since 2007, the top 4 in the rotation made all their starts and were at least decent. Their inconsistent hitting and putrid bullpen absolutely killed them.
    Imagine what the 2019 team would have looked like with 2020’s hitting. The ironic part is that the cast of hitters was virtually the same both years.
    Looking forward to the arrival of Cohen and his Monopoly™ money.

    Afterthought: 2015 and 2019 were their only +.500 seasons since 2007, if memory serves.

  • TexasGusCC

    Jim, interesting work but I’m also feeling that Realmuto won’t get $30MM and being 30 years old already, won’t get more than 5 years.

    • Eraff

      Pass on 30/6 for Realmuto…Love the Player, Hate the Deal…especially for Catcher

      M. Taylor: what is so endlessly fascinating with 680 OPS RH Hitters?…He’s an awesome looking athlete, and he’s about 30 with almost 2000 mlb ab’s that prove what he is. I’m not a Matz Fan, but he’s a possible 4th/5th starter with 175-200 Badly Needed Innings…and he’s a possible bullpen piece. This team’s problems begin with Pitching–I’m keeping my Pitching Chips. I can Find “Michael Taylors” elsewhere.

      • TJ


      • TexasGusCC


  • Scott Ferguson

    I like Taylor for Matz, but only bringing back Justin Wilson in the bullpen isn’t enough. Brach is also on a player option and I don’t think he’ll opt in at 1.25.

  • MattyMets

    I think most of us agree that Matz needs a change of scenery and most of us would not be sad to see him go, despite what a nice guy he is by all accounts. However, he has all the makings of the next Met to figure it out with another team and make us look bad. In case that happens, I really hope we don’t trade him to an NL East team at least.

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