Why don’t the Mets retire more jersey numbers?

After spending a week down in South Beach, (and making Matt Cerrone very jealous), I now understand why Jose Reyes took his talents down there. In any event, it got me thinking about All-Time great Mets and how they’ve only retired one player’s number. Now, I know the Mets don’t have the history of teams [...]

Will HOF voters induct Mike Piazza on the first ballot?

This year Barry Larkin was the lone inductee to the baseball Hall of Fame receiving 86.4% of the votes, in this his third year on the ballot. He played all 19 years of his MLB career for the Cincinnati Reds, where he was a 12-time All-Star and a three-time Gold Glove winner. Larkin played the [...]

R.A. Dickey starts climbing anyway

Robert Allen Dickey certainly isn’t a normal baseball player. First off, he’s a knuckleballer so that automatically makes him weird. Second, he loves Star Wars. Like, he really likes Star Wars. So when Dickey announced that he wanted to bike up Mount Kilimanjaro I thought, “yeah, that’s about right”. When the Mets front office heard [...]

Johan Santana and the dreaded rotator cuff

There’s no question that when Johan Santana pitches, he is one of the best in baseball. The problem is that “when” part of the statement. Santana joined the Mets in 2008, and every year he has dealt with injury problems. After the 2008 season we learned that Santana had a torn meniscus, and had thrown [...]

Thoughts on Sandy Alderson, Jose Reyes and Mets fans

OK, so the Mets lost Jose Reyes, blah, blah, blah, he was one of my favorite players, blah, blah, blah, whatever. It’s over now, it’s time to accept it and move on. Unfortunately, a lot of Mets fans out there can’t accept it, and don’t understand what just happened. It’s mainly because a lot of [...]